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See those names in the link below?

Those are the people who made a difference. 

       After reading the list of the passers, I have realized one thing. What have I done? I have been so idle. It seemed like this Summer up to the First Semester, I have done nothing but partied all night long. I had forgotten what my goal was. I had forgotten the reason I had taken this course. And most of all, I have been irresponsible from EVERYTHING I did. One example, I have not completely learned ACTG 4 which was a pity. But compared to all the accounting subject, ACTG 3 was the worst. Not that I hated the subject, but the fact that I have not learned anything from it. (You know) That feeling when you were just memorizing it. Even though you had good grades, but the reality was that you have not understood the subject because you were just memorizing it? And then when you tried to remember it now, BOOM. What was it all about again?

         "Mag bagong buhay ka na Cathy." First thing that came into my mind after seeing the results. I am reminded again by all my dreams in life and how this course is my road to success. I am reminded again what  my core values and principles in life. Those CPA board passers served as an instrument for me to go back on the right track again. They are surely my motivators to do better-- well, throughout my next semesters in the university. And hopefully, it would be a dream come true for me to graduate with flying colors and to have the title, CPA soon.

            For a long time I did not understand the power of dreaming until I saw my schoolmates become CPAs. I had forgotten what it was like to dream since I have engaged to stop fantasizing and just be real. What would be life with no dreams? The big time businessmen who did not gave up regardless of their struggles in life. They would not achieve all this thing without their dreams in the first place. As one saying goes, “the limiting factor on your success is not the size of the obstacles, but the size of your dream.” Without dreams and goals, life would be pointless. Though you can never expect what awaits you in the future, those things give you great opportunities and a guide.

             A long term investment indeed.

I highly regret my post below. It proves what a life-less teenager I can be.
And slightly disappointed by our school's ranking. Nevertheless, still a good job though!

♥ Cathypurry

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