Color Me

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It's been awhile!
I've been so busy from our finals!
Enough of words, so, how's my new blog theme?

Does it give you this (calm) relaxing feeling? Me either.

Today, I have consumed all my time updating my sites, the blogger and twitter. I'll update my facebook soon.

I can say, I always make the coolest theme! (err, from recoding, I mean. recodist here! :D)

So let's have a recap from my previous theme, BLACK AND WHITE CITY-SKAPE KOLEHIYALA:

It was pretty cool too, right? But it was kinda messy.

Here's my previous layout for twitter, too:

Now here it is:


So did you notice something? Both of those layouts were themed black and white.
Now, I like colorful things again!

It's our sembreak (finally). I'm so glad I'm finally done with these shenaniganz. My back is aching!
And, I haven't even updated my phone yet! I unrooted and reformat it this morning. Kinda busy here though.

K Bye!


black is sexy ;)

  ♥ Cathypurry

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