Beauty and a Beat

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Since when did Justin Bieber grew up?
And when I mean grew "up", I mean like hot - grew - up. Not that 100% hot-hunk, just not that kid anymore. You know, - - HANDSOME!?!? He's not a hunk though, but he's forking handsome! And sweet mother of golf, he got this epic video. He's awesome and FYI, love him or hate him is still an obsession.

LOL. Just watch this flucking video on youtube for better size. 
Sorry for these ducking words. I'm not pissed or anything but I think I'm high.
LOFL. I think I'm insane. 
Sanity is when you blog an average of 1 post in a day.
Not three. Or maybe four... in the forking future. 
When insanity strikes, cursing hour happens.
Then why the shuck do I have to censorize it when you guys are not that tucking stupid.
I don't know... I think it's fun.
Sorry........ It's just that---- I blame the books for this.
what the flowaginking pruck.
But isn't it fun?
Yeah I think I'm drunk (even though I'm only drinking 7up). 
Woops. Guys beware with this drink, it's intoxicatinghahahahahahah.

Okay, I'm being quirking creepy now.
Yes people, this is another tucked-up side of me.
Pressure is what I'm feeling now.
But you all won't understand this.

Still hung up by the two books I read though. 
One, The perks. Oh mi gold. I think I'm beginning to be emotionally unstable.

By the next few hours, I will be back to normal.
By the next few days, I will regret this post.
By the next few weeks, I would want to delete this.
By the next few months, I will laugh at this.
But by the next few year, this will definitely be a scandal.

PS. I'll be reading Pride and Prejudice.
Oh, the pride......

♥ Cathypurry

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