Sunday, October 28 @ 8:31 PM 

Recently I have been addicted to androids and stuffs. 

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@ 3:05 PM 

They say I'm crazy
I really don't care
That's my prerogative
They say I'm nasty
But I don't give a damn
Being this is how I live

Some ask me questions
Why am I so real?
But they don't understand me
I really don't know the deal about my system
Trying hard to make it right
Not long ago
Before I won this fight

Everybody's talking all this stuff about me
Why don't they just let me live?
I don't need permission, make my own decisions
That's my prerogative

It's the way that I wanna live
You can’t tell me what to do.

Based on Britney Spear's My Prerogative

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Friday, October 26 @ 10:01 PM 
No reviews for tonight. 
LOL This is funny.


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Thursday, October 25 @ 8:09 PM 

My heart skipped a beat when Siwon looks like......
And my whole two-day vacation is consumed by this tv series called Skip Beat!
Now back to reality.....

Wait, wait. I'm definitely unsatisfied with the ending! I think Mr. Lian is the best example of a T-O-R-P-E guy! I hope there's a part two for this because the fifteen episodes is not enough to satisfy all my questions in the story!

The part 2 should include the blooming relationship of Gong Xi and Lian. Next is the comeback of  Bu Po Shang. And maybe some twist with Qin? I want some love square peopleee!

Rotten Cathy  (tomatoes, get it?) rates it 8/10 for leaving the viewers dissatisfied. HMMMP.

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Wednesday, October 24 @ 12:37 PM 

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Tuesday, October 23 @ 10:33 PM 
The border might seem to be annoying. Sorry.

So, we went out for some partying. And yes I am addicted to the book. 
(Mainly because of it's cover haha.)

Sunglasses anyone?

Being vain with the book.

I love the morning breeze.

Alegrahe ang bilbil and other fats! HAHAHA.

Yes, we have a cutie green cab.

Awesome resto from a friend!


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Sunday, October 21 @ 11:23 PM 



Warning: Ironicity overload.
And no, I am not attacking anyone.
.......Maybe I am. Not.

So I have a story about how this girl liked a guy. And how this guy, maybe, liked the girl. But this guy keeps on giving mixed signals and likewise, the girl might be giving some too. At first the girl disliked the guy because of his big ego but as she knew the guy, she learned he wasn't that bad after all. As you can see, the girl prejudged the guy.  But the situation is here, they are stuck by some "social" pressure. It is hard for them to make any moves and as much as it is, they both have high prides. 

Stuck with what the people will say, they control themselves. Even though how much they want to spend time with each other, they can't do it. But both might be mistakenly identified pride as shy but either way, it still remains, they could not contain themselves.  A lot of chances were given but they were both a coward. But because maybe THIS guy, is so pathetic and as a Filipino term would say, torpe. 

Chickenheads. Not one of them want to uhh, confess? No, not the right term. Not one of them want to make any first moves? Maybe the girl did tried... a lot. Or maybe this guy did too. But knowing each of their own "expectations", not one wants to take down their armor. Both gives a hint but both does not even take it. Circumstances grew them closer.

I say, both are afraid they would be disappointed. Both are afraid to take the risk. Both does have high prides. Both wants to play this game. The game of who-could-act-that-they-care-less. Well one say, bring it on.

------------ And that is the story of Pride and Prejudice. THE PRESENT.


At one instance of their life, fate brought them together. The guy could no longer control himself. And he confessed his love for the girl. But during those times, the girl still prejudged the guy and declined it. (It was emotional.) It was a big disappointment, a big punch, a big kick, a big face-to-the-ground to the guy. (I knew it, thought the guy. [imaginary and pure opinion]

The story develops, and the girl realized she was mistaken. And they lived happily ever after. THE END.
(HAHAHA bitter!)

------------- And that is the story of Pride and Prejudice. IF-ONE-OF-THEM-WOULD-LOWER-THEIR-PRIDE.


PS. Sorry for the uber spoiler.

And PPS. I still believe, a true dalagang Filipina is shy and secretive about her real feelings for a suitor and denies it even though she is really in love with the man. 

Are you afraid that girls would turn down your love? Well I say, take the risk you idiot. You will never know. 

♥ Cathypurry

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@ 10:30 PM 

 “If on Saint Swithin's Day, it doth rain, something, something, something remain.” 
- Dexter Mayhew, 1981

Emma: I can't believe I'm actually here with you.
Dexter: Why?
Emma: Hmm?
Dexter: Why?
Emma: When we were at university, before we spoke even, I had a crush on you. Ridiculous, I know.
But when we almost did it that night, I couldn't believe it. I wrote poems and everything. What have you got to say to that?
Dexter: Well, I already knew.
Emma: What do you mean, you knew?
Dexter: Well, I sort of guessed. All those epic letters and compilation tapes. So, go on then. What happened?
Emma: Mmm. I got to know you. You cured me of you.

This freaking movie made me cry a lot. On 2006, I didn't expect it to happen. I was so surprised. I feel rage. Rage in my eyes. I hate this kind of movie. Things were going so well, why does every writer have to put a tragedy in the story? I already love their story. And then something happens.  I have never been so depressed yet simultaneously so happy to be alive and full of tears from any movie.

I saw this one in a review in the movie: “Cherish your friends. Stay true to your principles. Live passionately, fully, and well. Experience new things. Love and be loved, if you ever get the chance.”

You can never foretell what will happen in the future. I learned that the things you do today are your stepping stones in the future. But, you can never guarantee what life will give you. Dexter and Emma had an endless positive outlook in their future. But as we go through the years they've been through, it was never easy. 

The movie gave me another point of view in an adult life. And I am certainly affected by the character of Dexter. Deeply affected because somehow, we have the same attitude and behavior. Not by means of you know, sleeping with different girls. (LOL) But how the career he took, being a host, changed his life. Well, I just imagined myself in the shoes of Dexter, what if it will happen to me? There's a 80%  chance. Though, I was glad because the movie made me realize those fame never last. I fancy, almost, everything same as Dex. And I act like a complete douche much as him. I did lost myself to the right path, not just once, but I'm striving hard to regain what I had lost. It would just kill me if a point in my life will come when someone would say, "I love you so much. But, I just don't like you anymore."

Do you believe in signs? Well I do.
A year ago, I have been addicted to the "Good Life" of One Republic but never really paid attention on why it became a hit. Until now, when I saw the movie One Day. I saw the trailer. 
The movie made a great impact to my life, to how I perceive things in life. Things does not always happen on what you plan. Things does not always happen on what you expect. The future is not always what you expect.
It's an extraordinary film indeed.

"I don't want you thinking I'm bothered or anything about last night.
I don't want your phone number, or lettters, or postcards.
I don't want to get married to you.
Definitely don't want to have your babies.
Whatever happens tomorrow, we've had today."
- Emma Morley, 1981

Of course, books are always better than films. And I'm glad I had seen the film because now, I am interested to read the book! And at an expensive price, I still bought one. That is how I want it. The book is really wordy and I do not want to get confused in ebook too. I tried reading it on ebook for 2 days and it does not seem to work for me. So yey, cheers for the book!

I like how they wrote in letters but I still prefer the telephone though. Still, letters are great!
To get enough of Dex and Em I recommend: nuff said.

♥ Cathypurry

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Wednesday, October 17 @ 9:37 PM 

Even though the place was elegant, it was toooooo silent. Not peaceful, kinda creepy.

Like this?


Sorry if you're creeped out! HAHAHA
Just watch my beautiful pictures (up!!) quick!

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Monday, October 15 @ 9:52 PM 
See those names in the link below?

Those are the people who made a difference. 

       After reading the list of the passers, I have realized one thing. What have I done? I have been so idle. It seemed like this Summer up to the First Semester, I have done nothing but partied all night long. I had forgotten what my goal was. I had forgotten the reason I had taken this course. And most of all, I have been irresponsible from EVERYTHING I did. One example, I have not completely learned ACTG 4 which was a pity. But compared to all the accounting subject, ACTG 3 was the worst. Not that I hated the subject, but the fact that I have not learned anything from it. (You know) That feeling when you were just memorizing it. Even though you had good grades, but the reality was that you have not understood the subject because you were just memorizing it? And then when you tried to remember it now, BOOM. What was it all about again?

         "Mag bagong buhay ka na Cathy." First thing that came into my mind after seeing the results. I am reminded again by all my dreams in life and how this course is my road to success. I am reminded again what  my core values and principles in life. Those CPA board passers served as an instrument for me to go back on the right track again. They are surely my motivators to do better-- well, throughout my next semesters in the university. And hopefully, it would be a dream come true for me to graduate with flying colors and to have the title, CPA soon.

            For a long time I did not understand the power of dreaming until I saw my schoolmates become CPAs. I had forgotten what it was like to dream since I have engaged to stop fantasizing and just be real. What would be life with no dreams? The big time businessmen who did not gave up regardless of their struggles in life. They would not achieve all this thing without their dreams in the first place. As one saying goes, “the limiting factor on your success is not the size of the obstacles, but the size of your dream.” Without dreams and goals, life would be pointless. Though you can never expect what awaits you in the future, those things give you great opportunities and a guide.

             A long term investment indeed.

I highly regret my post below. It proves what a life-less teenager I can be.
And slightly disappointed by our school's ranking. Nevertheless, still a good job though!

♥ Cathypurry

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Saturday, October 13 @ 9:07 PM 
Since when did Justin Bieber grew up?
And when I mean grew "up", I mean like hot - grew - up. Not that 100% hot-hunk, just not that kid anymore. You know, - - HANDSOME!?!? He's not a hunk though, but he's forking handsome! And sweet mother of golf, he got this epic video. He's awesome and FYI, love him or hate him is still an obsession.

LOL. Just watch this flucking video on youtube for better size. 
Sorry for these ducking words. I'm not pissed or anything but I think I'm high.
LOFL. I think I'm insane. 
Sanity is when you blog an average of 1 post in a day.
Not three. Or maybe four... in the forking future. 
When insanity strikes, cursing hour happens.
Then why the shuck do I have to censorize it when you guys are not that tucking stupid.
I don't know... I think it's fun.
Sorry........ It's just that---- I blame the books for this.
what the flowaginking pruck.
But isn't it fun?
Yeah I think I'm drunk (even though I'm only drinking 7up). 
Woops. Guys beware with this drink, it's intoxicatinghahahahahahah.

Okay, I'm being quirking creepy now.
Yes people, this is another tucked-up side of me.
Pressure is what I'm feeling now.
But you all won't understand this.

Still hung up by the two books I read though. 
One, The perks. Oh mi gold. I think I'm beginning to be emotionally unstable.

By the next few hours, I will be back to normal.
By the next few days, I will regret this post.
By the next few weeks, I would want to delete this.
By the next few months, I will laugh at this.
But by the next few year, this will definitely be a scandal.

PS. I'll be reading Pride and Prejudice.
Oh, the pride......

♥ Cathypurry

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@ 3:28 PM 
I find it so cute. Even though I'm not cute... coz' I'm sexy. ;P
Pasensyahe po, bored lang. :)




♥ Cathypurry
@ 2:26 PM 

♥ Cathypurry
Thursday, October 11 @ 7:51 PM 

"My name's Tom."
"Nice to meet you. I'm Autumn."

If there's anything that I have learned from the movie, "500 Days of Summer", it is that there is someone out there for you. It just happens, you know it, and it is destiny. A destiny that you never knew it was meant for you until it came.

I compare myself as Tom Hansen. Everything he is, is me. Every analyzation he did is what I had done. Every cards, movies, and pop song crap were there. When we thought they were the one, we lived in a world full of illusions. We basically believed in what we wished to happen without considering the reality. And truly, we lived in a life with full of expectations. 

Such times, when it is over, it is over. We can never force something that isn't there in the first place. We love to believe there is, well come on, it's like we lived above the heavens and they were our universe. But in reality,  it wasn't meant for us.  We do remember good things but when we look back at them, we never realized what was wrong. 

There is someone out for us. And that movie made me realize how to move on. You know, life goes on. That's what Summer was trying to say. It just wasn't them we were right about. 

Coincidence, that is all everything is.


Given the date above, I wrote this long time ago. It served as my "reflection paper" right after I saw the movie. But tonight, I finally had the chance to post this (because I just saw the file lol). 

PS. Got tired of posting the Part 3. So, there would be no part 3 haha.

♥ Cathypurry

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Tuesday, October 9 @ 9:12 PM 

After the GTKY activity, which ended around 9pm, it was time for us to rest first for our big day the next day. But as we all know, "rest" means time to party! 

We karaoke-d for a few minutes (lol). 
We thought it was free, but we had to pay/sink 5 pesos! 
(we are not that rich you know! :P)

Then we had our little food (packed) trip! 
yummy moby me love, and also nova.

But the next two hours was spent privately for our "chika" with Ate Tecla, Mich, and Natalie. I got so many insights from that 4on4 talk. While others were partying, we talked until the others started to sleep like around 11pm. Somehow we finished the "talk" and then we joined our other friends.

Around 12 am, all the people went to their rooms and 5-6 of us, stayed outside and talked 'till 1 am for some "horror" stories daw. But it still ended up with another topic. (if you know what I mean).

It was freaking cold! We felt that we lived across another country and sht, it was freaking scary! The place was already silent..... and no kidding, fogs were everywhere. Also, add up to those, were the freaking chimes! shhhhhhhhht I'm already scared at typing this now. gaaah, I hate the photo, I'm scared of watching it, I think a ghost will appear pagkadugayan. WATCH OUT. fuuu. HAHAHA.

Anyways, on the bright side, I introduced to them a little game called "Never Have I Ever". Somehow
they enjoyed it and even dubbed it as a controversial game. rofl. It was getting really cold and I got two 
blankets on. Damn, it was scary!

OKAY, Next day, NEXT DAY!!!!

A loud voice and annoying siren woke us up! :) And guess what, it was cold. And what challenged me was, the shower. Everyone was like, "goodluck", "you're gonna take the shower?". When I went to the comfort room to brush my teeth, that first drop of water gave me the chills! It was like this electrical bolt who went to my fingers and all over through my body. And then I decided that I would not take a shower. 

But, when an opportunity strikes, you should immediately grab it. So that's what happened just this morning, I was glad nobody used the other cubicle and then it was my big chance and a great great challenge. Life as we know it is so different from what you think and how you do it. I thought it was as cold as an iceberg but it was just an ice. (hehehehe) 

After our breakfast we had our meeting/talk//report. And from there I had known, it was mostly about the evaluation JUD pala. We were introduced by the student coucil structure, all the organization, the first semester accomplishment report, and etc.

A lot of talks, pictures/photoshoot, and food in the morning.

murag true hehe

And BAM, in the afternoon, it all began...........
But when fun was about to begin, that is when my camera was being the biggest loser gadget ever. (it died)

Our last activity was all about GAMES, GAMES, GAAAAMES!

We were all divided into three (3) groups, and ours was called team GG!




Believe it or not, out of the three games, all groups were the winner!
First game went to Group 2, Team Goodie! (The Pinoy Henyo)

Second game went to Group chedeeeng,... 1, Team GG! (Hand relay game: Paper, Ballpen, Eraser!)

Third game was a verrrrrrrry, I tell you, verrrrry close fight between us, 1 and 3! (connect-last word song game thing) The group 3's very last counter attack for us was the song Toxic of Spears. Last word of the verse was toxic, and we should provide another song that starts with the word toxic. Toxic?!?! I know right?! It was hard. But damn, it was in the tip of my tongue! I knew a song which consist of toxic and I was shouting, "quick! I know this in a Lady Gaga song!" And 10s was not enough to refresh my mind. So, we lose. awwww. My friends knows this and it was kinda bad, (but hey, I had a good sportsmanship at that time), I'm a sore loser. I just can't afford to lose you know!? HAHAHA

That's the only pic I have with Team GG :(
Last pic was when my camera was being a loser and was about to die.
But never fear! Because others have it! yey!

Part 3, to be continued..........

♥ Cathypurry

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