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September........... 3.
I finished reading the famous 50 shades of Grey trilogy book.
I know, I know, Judge me! Yes my mind is now corrupted.

No innocent human will still be innocent after reading this book I tell you. It's either innocent to liberated or liberated to corrupted.

So let's talk first about the book and the story. Actually, when you read the book it's up to you, it's your initiative if you want to read the intimate portion of it. I tell you, you CAN pass on reading it like what I did. (It was on book 3 though, I believe I got bored by it.) You know why? If that portion was removed, the plot of the story is really interesting. It's about how a cold-hearted man was transformed by this girl. The Grey and the Steele.

Next we shall talk about the start of this corrupted mind. We can not deny that reading this book will let you explore a whole new wonder, a whole new part of that you didn't even think existed :P. Okay, get this picture. I study whole day and my free time is only during bed time. With light switched-off, time is around 11:00pm-1:00am I read the book. IMAGINE?! What do you think will it do to me then? Now, reading this book during that time made me understand deeply and, uhmmm, discern the thoughts of each character. WEW!

Have u ever heard of a Book Hangover? Of course it is a hangover. Where you can't get over the book after reading it. It made me realize how my thinking has been influenced by Grey. 0________0 I know that in order to recover I must read another book, thus, the TFIOS. I hate or.. like... okay both, how it influenced and affect my life. The words: control, 50 shades, sub ... (I can't even go on). Has already an effect to me. Somehow I like control BUT (damn this is hard. It's too..) I'm too greenminded for this. Now it makes me want to hate my favorite color Green.. no!!!

So in school, I've been head-over-heels with this person and I hate how sometimes my green mind just comes out of nowhere. OKAY LET ME CLEAR THIS OUT. It is not the desires okay? I still can control myself! (LOL) (BUT SERIOUSLY we girls do not cross that line.)

But the simple things like in book 1 where Steele and Grey fell on the streets when Steele was almost hit by the bike and Grey protected here. When they fell, Steele was like "Kiss me.. kiss me". HAHAHA. (I know we imagine that girls right?!) Oh yes before that, Grey was already holding Steele's hands even if they just met and went out for a drink!

Second, when Grey gets distracted when Steele bites her lips. (Ooooh, do you boys get affected when girls do that too?) (That happened to me today o_____o The chills, the effect is asdfghjkl.)

Third, when Grey was flying with Steele. (I seriously love his extraordinaire pastime.) One time I saw this on The Bachelor. The guy was like Grey and he was damn hot!

Fourth, and irrelevant. In the elevator when Grey, with Steele, suddenly said, "Oh fudge the paperworks!" No detail.

Last, the part when Grey began to realized how to love. (AWWW the sweetest thing!)

Okay back to the reality. I do not mean to scare you people but I'm here to share how it affected my perceptions in life. LOL. Actually, it made my life more exciting. I don't know if this is good or bad, but I'm liberated. (okay bad.) But can't you see, (oh no, this will be controversial. Please DON'T) it's better than to be ignorant. At least in the future you will know how to handle things for something thing.

And last, for conclusion, this is still not the post that I want for September. I know I'm missing something. I'm still finding out what. September September, what am I excited about? :)

Oh yeah, one more thing, "I hate when people does mixed signals. I mean, do they really like you or not??" ANSWER ME!

♥ Cathypurry

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