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That strands in your eyes that color them wonderful. Stop me and steal my breath.

Okay- I like him. There I've admitted to myself. I cannot hide from my feelings anymore. I've never felt like this before. I find him attractive. But it's a lost cause, I know, and I sigh with a bittersweet regret.

"How can he make little words hold so much tantalizing promise?"

It's not everyday
That I meet a person quite like you
Perfect every way .

The proper thing to do
Is for me to act like a lady and wait
For you to make the first move.
But I don't think you're getting the point
That it's you - that I want
I don't care if I act a fool
I would damn near beg for you
Put aside, all my pride
So don't keep me hanging here
Cause this girl is falling stupid for you
Oh, oh stupid for you

Why's it always feel like I am
Chasing love when nothing's there
And here I go just making the same mistakes...

Sometimes I wonder if there's something wrong with me. Perhaps I've spent too long in the company of my literary romantic heroes, and conesequently my ideals and expectations are far too high. But in reality, nobody's ever made me feel like that.

I shake my head to gather my wits. My hearts is pounding for frantic tattoo and for some reason I'm blushing furiously under his steady scrutiny. I'm utterly thrown by the sight of him standing before me. My memories of him did not do me justice. --He's not merely good-looking - he's the epitome of male beauty, breathtaking (okay, this is an overstatement haha).

In my dreams, he's holding my hand. No one has ever held my hand. I feel giddy, and I tingle all over. I attempt to smother the ridiculous grinthat threatens to split my face in two. Try to be cool, my subconscious implores me.

"I'm over-reacting to something that's imaginary"

He's the only man who has ever set my blood racing around my body. My heart is pounding. I can feel that pull, that electricity between us with a static. He's sitting so close to me.

"My subconscious is screaming. YOU! You are my thing!"

"My attention is drawn to his beautiful mouth. And for the first time in seveteen years, I want to be kissed." (overstatement :P )

But maybe HE WILL SAY, "Cathy, you should steer clear of me. I'm not the man for you." I frown up at him and my head swims with rejection. I have never been on the receiving end of rejection.

"Honey, Cathy, please, don't let a man get under you skin. You're far too young. Go and enjoy yourself."
I could concentrate on at the time was being his.
All the warning signs were there,
I was just too clueless and too enamored to notice.

This is from a song and a book which clearly depicts what's been going through my crazy mind.

♥ Cathypurry

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