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SO,.... I just discovered something, It's a very awkwaaaaard situation.
In my previous posts, I have been talking bout this certain kind of "landon/shane" and recently I discovered in fb that I have a blockmate who looks like him!

Now I understand that one of my blockmate, Rose, once said that MY landon/shane is the blockmate and I was like, "what??". For me he doesn't really look like one not until one commented his profile pic.

All I could say is WOW. It must have been awkward for him and I didn't even realized that! lol! I call him bro. But what if someone misunderstood that it was him, or maybe he thinks he was 'him'? WHATATATA I don't have any face to face. lol.

So for some clearing up, MY landon/shane is not/never a blockmate or whatsoever. Just so you know. You know, my rule for myself is never to have any crushes from a classmate and eeek, it would be weird o_______O super weird. And wew, my posts in fb, twitter, instagram contains scenes from A Walk to remember. Yikes!

Background for MY landon/shane is he's from XU too but not the same course i think? lol. I'm just disturbed that's all because it's hard to assume when it's not the truth. And I don't want any tension or weird atmosphere around my classmates.


Anyways, back to me. I'm still brokenhearted though, yes, UNLOVED, nadaaa. But I'm glad all my hallucinations had stopped because I'll be facing my biggest challenge yet, MIDTEEEEEEERMS! And thus, I have decided to lessen my addiction for the net. And will be online in few hours for the next days.

No posts for now because I still feel awkward. o____O dili bitaw kai, I need to focus in my Midterms. ACCOUNTING MEN! <3


ayyy kay magbasa man daw si ROSE sa akong blog, I have a word for her. She's a great guidance counselor <3 chaarrr. When my heart got broke, I ran (texted) her for some solutions for my problems. All I can say, when you have a problem, don't hesitate to approach her! She's one of the best! Here's her mobile number 099999..... hahaha joke. But I'm truly impressed by her words of wisdom! If you wanna visit her, clickie -- twitter

AYYAAY :))))))

♥ Cathypurry

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