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AWWWW. I miss playing Chess!

A lot of things happened to my life lately and I hated it! First, I was so distracted and was not inspired at all! Second, I can't concentrate on my studies and got low scores on my quizzes and exams! Third, I should be making our English Term Paper now!

hahaha. Do you ever wonder why people always laugh with THREE HA's!? like, hahaha. Why??! Tell me!

Okay, I'm so random now. I told my partner that I'll finish my 10 pp. paper analysis of our study in just 30 min! And guess what I'm doing now? hahaha. My partner is sooo gonna kill me! Anyways, the topic for our term paper is all about ACADEMIC PRESSURE.

Yes, I am pressured. Aren't you pressured? :)


CHECKMATE! I have a rival. :P


I'm random and I know it.

♥ Cathypurry

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