Tuesday, July 31 @ 6:54 PM 
Before you read this post, play Teenage Dream of Katy in my playlist please to add some effects :3

Below this post, i posted this:


........nothing happened! haha but there were some peaks but eh, -.-

Anyways, even though it PRACTICALLY didn't happened, BUT I just had the most epic dream ever! I haven't had this kind of dream before and it's like in teleserye. Oh gosh, he was sooo cute rofl. oKAY, focus cathy. Bottomline is, my FREE KISS happened in my dream. Well, I ruined the opportunity in my dream, but still. The dream was so realistic that I thought we're already an item when I woke up.

I had 2 parts in my dream. The paragraph above was the first part. So, I woke up around 4:08am, tuesday, july 31. Of course I remember because in my hazy mind I really thought it was real! At that time, I was sooooooooo eager to text them, planning on sharing it with my friends and good golly I was soooooo relieved I didn't! Because if I did... God knows what kind of trouble I'll be having o______________o.

The quality has got to be this way or else....

When I woke up, I immediately wrote it down in my notebook. NO KIDDING. I can't and shall not forget the most amazing dream I had ever! My room was dark with a little sunshine rays in my window. It was so long that I almost had written a novel haha. (four page ra bitaw kai). My memories were still fresh and I tell you, it's like 99% accurate! Without any overstatement or anything, I swear.

I know this site is too public... But what the hay!
Can't a girl have her TEENAGE DREAM TOO?! :))

♥ Cathypurry
Sunday, July 29 @ 3:18 PM 
So.... It was the Philippine Free Kiss Day last friday (July 27)...
Oi crush where did you hide huh?!?
Nandito na ang promise ko sa iyo, hahaha.


My family, they're watching me like an owl or fbi o____o
And hopefully, you're stalking me, crush, pretty please?
You don't have any twitter nor anything but fb lol but I hope you see this xD
ewwww. But anyways,
This is for you! And this monday I shall give!
If my guts can afford it ;P

♥ Cathypurry

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@ 10:01 AM 
If vainness was a crime, then I'll surely be in prison now.
Let's take a break, and live life!


Can you feel the warmth of God's love?
Happy Sunday :)

Seriously, there's something between me and the flower. HAHA. :*

♥ Cathypurry

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Thursday, July 26 @ 7:28 PM 

awesome building

♥ Cathypurry

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Tuesday, July 24 @ 10:35 PM 


Stupid Cupid you're a real mean guy,
I'd like to clip your wings off so you can't fly.
I am in love and it's crying shame
& I know that you're the one to blame!
Hey hey, set me free
Stupid Cupid, stop picking on me.

I can't do my homework and I can't think straight
I meet him every morning, 'bout a half past eight.
I'm actin' like a lovesick fool.
You even got me carryin' his books to school
hey hey, set me free
Stupid Cupid, stop picking on me.
You mixed me up for good right from the very start.
Hey, go play Robin Hood, with somebody else's heart.

You've got me jumpin' like a crazy clown,
and I don't feature what you're putting down.
Since I kissed his loving lips of wine,
the thing that bothers me is that I like it fine
hey hey, set me free.
Stupid Cupid, stop picking on me.


The 7 things I hate about you (oh you)
You're vain, your games, you're insecure
You love me, you like her
You make me laugh, you make me cry
I don't know which side to buy
Your friends they're jerks
And when you act like them, just know it hurts
I wanna be with the one I know
And the 7th thing I hate the most that you do
You make me love you

. . . . .

The 7 things I like about you
Your hair, your eyes, your old Levi's
And when we kiss, I'm hypnotized
You make me laugh, you make me cry
But I guess that's both I'll have to buy
Your hand in mine
When we're intertwined everything's alright
I want to be
With the one I know
And the 7th thing I like the most that you do
You make me love you


I know what you're thinking... YES. I do. .... :P
I fell in love, got brokenhearted, and fell in love again.
Scratch love I'm infatuated!
Y u making me mad?!?!
stupid cupid!
I can't describe what I'm feeling and all the songs in my playlist says it all

I can't hide this feeling anymore
Drives me crazy

♥ Cathypurry

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Friday, July 20 @ 7:28 PM 


♥ Cathypurry

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@ 7:23 PM 

I loved my hair and still had no braces!

hehe, you missed that look? wait in the future! :))

♥ Cathypurry

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@ 5:32 PM 


AWWWW. I miss playing Chess!

A lot of things happened to my life lately and I hated it! First, I was so distracted and was not inspired at all! Second, I can't concentrate on my studies and got low scores on my quizzes and exams! Third, I should be making our English Term Paper now!

hahaha. Do you ever wonder why people always laugh with THREE HA's!? like, hahaha. Why??! Tell me!

Okay, I'm so random now. I told my partner that I'll finish my 10 pp. paper analysis of our study in just 30 min! And guess what I'm doing now? hahaha. My partner is sooo gonna kill me! Anyways, the topic for our term paper is all about ACADEMIC PRESSURE.

Yes, I am pressured. Aren't you pressured? :)


CHECKMATE! I have a rival. :P


I'm random and I know it.

♥ Cathypurry
Friday, July 13 @ 9:33 PM 
It was over a month when I liked a guy and thought he was the one and could be the first guy I'll possibly be with. But when things turned out the way we never expected, my heart got broken. But here's a fact: when you're infatuated with someone, you never see the bad side of him even if you want to know. You tend to believe those things and make a lot of excuses and expect to see it on just the positive side.

When I was completely turned off, I admit I haven't recovered for that day and you know, experiencing those noob stuffs like listening to emo songs. haha. "I know we'll never be together." When I got out of the illusion, I get to see who he is and what he is. Turns out that he wasn't the guy that was meant for me, I realized. I would have been describing him now but it's crucial since maybe some people will get a hint. How did I read the stars so wrong? (Perry, K. Wide Awake).

Did you know? I was so focused on him that I didn't realized how all my songs list in my phone where all about love? Everyday I was in a good mood. But I can't concentrate on the lessons!

Being infatuated has its ups and downs. It may affect you positively or negatively in some aspects of your life. But to tell you the truth, I'm glad it was over.

Starting now, I can focus on what I do best, being selfish! haha. I will wear jewelries again, and spent more time studying.

LISTEN TO EVERY WORD IN MY PLAYLIST, I MEANT IT. Even the london bridge of Fergie.

Today's song excerpt is from Paramore's BRICK BY BORING BRICK.

She lives in a fairy tale
Somewhere too far for us to find
Forgotten the taste and smell
Of a world that she's left behind

It's all about the exposure the lens I told her
The angles were all wrong now
She's ripping wings off of butterflies

keep your feet on the ground
when your head's in the clouds
Well go get your shovel
And we'll dig a deep hole


So one day he found her crying
Coiled up on the dirty ground
Her prince finally came to save her
And the rest you can figure out

But it was a trick
And the clock struck twelve
Well make sure to build your home brick by boring brick
or the wolf's gonna blow it down


Well you built up a world of magic
Because your real life is tragic
Yeah you built up a world of magic.

♥ Cathypurry
Wednesday, July 11 @ 8:27 PM 

Si Lord na talaga, si Lord na! I never knew He would answer me instantly and so soon. As you can see, I just tweeted that 24 hours ago and what happened now? ?

Shoooooting tadhana! Di dyud ko nimu iparecover ba!? Did you know habang nagtype ko sa akong blog, nag text sya?! bueeeeeng. When I was in greenwhich, I saw arghhh nevermind. BUT NICE TRY, NICE TRY. My friend, clarissa, would completely understand this.

Shoot, I can't concentrate anymore, look who decidedly to show up by texting. DARN YOU! WHY ARE YOU MAKING ME CRAZY!?

Anyways cathy focus, you are here to blog all your hatred against the boys and how they just play with you.

Do you know how funny it is that I just made my blog below, just this morning?! About the "can't help falling inlove"... And how God answered my tweet about being brokenhearted? Well guess what, congratulations to me, I'm officially BROKENHEARTED. I ended up all of my feelings for "landon". Gosh, even thinking or saying he's name makes me want to puke.

I know my friends has warned me not to rush things over, the song "can't help falling in love" explains everything. I wish I knew then, what I know now. I've been so "blooming", "inspired", "enthusiastic" like what my friends say but I didn't know what to feel right now when the time had come. I mean, WHY DID IT HAVE TO END SO SOON?!

But I'm trying to change things over, those JAMIE SULLIVAN attitude I've been showing off, eg. happy, sweet, kind, smiling etc., will be tweaked. I'll show the rihanna and britney side of me. Rihanna got fiercer and bold and shows her other side. And I'm gonna be CATHY. For those who don't know who the real cathy is, She is oozing with confidence, got some bitchy attitude and the chick. Sorry to disappoint you but in a conversation, I will mostly express a blank and i-don't-care eyes.

It was a big lesson. It proved me two things:
1. when I'm infatuated, ibuhos nako akong self sa ilaha without thinking of my own
2. since I learned that one, it made me love myself more.

Wow, so my back up plan is already applicable this time right? My song would be WIDE AWAKE by KATY PERRY after all. I'll be singing this song when I'm around him.

an excerpt from the song:

"I'm wide awake
Yeah, I was in the dark
I was falling hard
With an open heart
I'm wide awake
How did I read the stars so wrong
I'm wide awake
And now it's clear to me
That everything you see
Ain't always what it seems
I'm wide awake
Yeah, I was dreaming for so long

I wish I knew then
What I know now
Wouldn't dive in
Wouldn't bow down
Gravity hurts
You made it so sweet
Till I woke up on
On the concrete
Falling from cloud 9
Crashing from the high
I'm letting go tonight
(Yeah I'm) Falling from cloud 9
I'm wide awake
Not losing any sleep
I picked up every piece
And landed on my feet
I'm wide awake
Need nothing to complete myself - nooohooo
I'm wide awake "

He was strong enough to let me down, I'm gonna show him how strong I am getting up.

I know my friends would probably respond to this by singing:
"That's what you get
When you let your heart win, whoa
That's what you get
When you let your heart win, whoa"

YES, I AM WIDE AWAKE. I can now focus on my primary goal, academics. I can see myself tomorrow being in a bad mood and looking at negative things especially those people who are in love. I'll be like, cursing you. Sorry.

For the meantime, when I was down, I didn;t know that my feelings for someone has come back. He is not a distraction like that guy but he is my inspiration. I don't know if people will say that he is probably a "panakip-butas" but when he smiles, I can't help but smile back at him too. He was my everything before, and I can't believe I'll probably fell for him again? What do you think?

♥ Cathypurry
@ 7:50 AM 
Wise men say only fools rush in
(my friends, the experienced one)
But I can't help falling in love
With you
(dili dyud bai :'))

Shall I stay would it be a sin
If I can't help falling in love
With you

Like a river flows surely to the
Sea darling so it goes some things
Are meant to be

Take my hand take my whole life
Too for I can't help falling in
Love with you

Like a river flows surely to the
Sea darling so it goes some things
Are meant to be

Take my hand take my whole life
Too for I can't help falling in
Love with you

For I can't help falling in love
With you

Ayyyy, mao lage daun na, kay sugod pa man, lablab sa pero kung heartbroken na daun ayyy . Sure ko mahitabo na ni soooon pero sa karon, ejoy sa nato ang life diba? Naa mani expiration ako kay mahuman lang to siya la na hahaha In case mahitabo to, naa koi back up song WIDE AWAKE - KATY PERRY. Pero sa karon, ayyyyyy. Sorry friends, I'm infatuated. Makarecover ra ko soon basta ui :')

♥ cathypurry
Sunday, July 1 @ 6:50 PM 

I got a big break and hosted for the SBM's freshies General Assembly. I never thought it was great! And it got greater when I was working with my co-hosts: Geo, Ron and Ja. I gotta admit, it was all impromptu. I swear, we only had the memorized line which was: "GOOD MORNING EAGLES!AND WELCOME FRESHMEN TO 6.30: UNLEASH YOUR YELLOW FACTOR!" And all just went by~ At first, we got some awkward silence and we're panicking and didn't know what to do! We lost the paper that contained the flow of the program and all of us had to rely on that one paper rofl!

I met a lot of new people! I first met the First presenter of the program was the so called Enchong Dee of XU. haha. I had a little chitchat with him and he was singing this 'without u' by..? I forgot. And I do really thought it was David Guetta's without u! haha. Sarreeeee. But anyways, the other performers were great considering most of them were freshies! I was like WOW. I enjoyed the beatbox!

The funny port of the FIRST part of the program was the 'KUMUSTAHAN by the hosts' lol. Since I said it was impromptu, most of what we did was the cheering! haha. I was interviewing people etc.. and making those people at the back feel hmm.. they belong? And also there were some video presentations. Time went by so fast that we already headed for the closing remarks by my BA teacher sir Chee!

And so the most awaited part....... It was a great pleasure to close the first part and opened the second one. The people were screaming as I said, "since the first part is now over, we now move to the second one and it is......... *people screams* time to party! DJ give us some beaaaaaaats!!!!!!" (bahaha I know it wasn't exactly what I said, that line was too perfect! But you know the point haha.) *people shouted and they were standing* Since nobody still dared to go to the center stage, I was like screaming S-B-M-! S-B-M! in tune with the beat of the music. And there's the big-train-like thing we do and as I shouted (of course with a mic,) GUYS COME ON! The line just get longer and longer and the circle was getting bigger and bigger and we're all synchronized screaming S-B-M! S-B-M! And surely that's how all of us ended up on stage and I was surprised and glad that most of 'em were party people. But there were some KJ and *grabe ka snob and arte nga girl doh* So I went to the back and encouraged some freshmen to join the dance craze and when I invited this one girl *hay-naku-God-know-how-she-was-like-killing-me-with-her-glare* rolled her eyes and made me want to slap her. MY GAS GRABE KA ARTE! Good thing I controlled my feelings and just went on. As I went to the center stage I interviewed a lot of people if they had a great time and I was glad they did! They said it was the best! awww :)

Since I was practically holding the microphone all of time during the dance I was screaming till all my voice goes out! I was shouting like "woot woot! sbm sbm! go go! shout!* I never felt great! I was in the heat!

I noticed a lot of people we're taking pictures of the DJ haha. He must be so famous noO? (SORRY OKAAY? I DON'T KNOW A LOT OF PEOPLE!)Pero hindi ako magpapahuli! I had a lot of group shots too with my co-workers!

10 minutes before we end the party, I was at the top of the stage watching the freshmen who were dancing and feeling the music. I felt satisfied (even though I almost lost my voice already). And then the party ended with the music "LET'S GET LOUD" (seriously another-dj?? seriously??!) Oh well, I was shouting sbm in tune when J.Lo sang the 'LET'S GET LOUD and I sang it tO S-B-M'. After it was over, (awww nooooooh!) I shouted "GO GO SBM, FIGHT FIGHT SBM, WIN WIN SBM, GO, FIGHT, WIN!" and the people cheered it with me! I can say, it was an epic ending! Just imagine it, after the song ended, people shouted like YAY and I gave them around 5 seconds before I immediately shouted it! Do you know how epic it was? And my last line for the night was "THANK YOU FRESHMEN I HOPE YOU HAVE UNLEASHED YOUR YELLOW FACTOR! THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS!" They were clapping and we gave our bows. As I went down, people were congratulating me and I was overwhelmed and can't believe I just did all of that!

This is what I wanted and I did it!
Life teaches us to be patient because dreams do come true! I will never forget this amazing part of my life and I will truly treasure it forever! thank you Lord.
God Bless Us All!

credits: f.v. photography

♥ Cathypurry