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It's been almost a month since I last celebrated my birthday. I feel bad though because I haven't invited ALL of my friends especially all C6KSTB. That feeling sucks. Well to tell you the truth, I wasn't planning to invite a friend because I wanted it to be private and within our family only.

At the evening of May 30, my dad and I had some kind of business trip and unexpectedly saw this resort. As we were going home, (it was a 2hour drive) I suddenly patted my father and pulled over since I've been dying to have this 'supposedly-small-gathering-party?'. Well I already planned to treat my friends on a spa. (yay girlies!) But I guess, a lot of surprises comes in your way. And I mean it!

Fast forward...........

There's a one rule that my parents told me and that is NO BOYS. They've been emphasizing it since like.. I was born? lol. Then my parents told me to invite AT LEAST 3-5 friends ONLY. So I was planning to invite my SBM-close-batchmates-from-highschool-friends. Though I feel really bad because I can't invite these 3 guy friends. But I know, they understand that I can't. Do they?! :( Next is the C6KSTB friends, I haven't invited them all because there were limitations you know :( Gaaaaaah. Telling you the story is harder than I thought. But that's it.

I did enjoy the day and overall I have invited hmmm. 6 friends? yey for that -____- and one of our family friend haven't went with us due to some circumstances that can not be avoided.

As we went home, I literally 'kidnapped' them to our house! HAHA. Since after the so-called SECRET Party, they already planned to go home. And when we arrived home, I immediately introduced them to all of my pets! RAWR! And one unexpected surprise happened.... I GOT A DELIVERY! I don't want to detail things but the bottom line is: it was an almost tear-jerked moment but Clarissa was the one who soaked up!

If you want to know the details of their plan for me, here it is:

AND THE GIFT!!!!!!!! Those two pix on the left side :")))
(excuse the m.lhuillier calendar rofl!)

THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

♥ Cathypurry

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