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Hey ya'll how ya doing? It's the start of the class and I'm feeling like it's still vacation.

I've been reading a lot of books lately. It's mostly teenage fiction. I'm fond on those type of genres. You know, school stuffs, the jocks and the nerds. I read around 5 books in a week already? I usually finish one in 4-5 hours only but you know there's SCHOOL so....

Anyways, when I imagine the characters especially the honks err the JOCKS. I'm digging on THE Hemsworth Brothers. Particularly LIAM. Is it a lot to ask?

At some point I just wonder how I regret I didn't enjoy my stay in HIGHSCHOOL. Damn right it sucks. But at the point the I NEVER ENJOYED IT EVER. You know why? Because I was too focus on this "ACADEMIC" stuffs that I forgot experiencing "FUN". Sometimes I ask myself, why didn't we bother to live in abroad? Gaaah. Life would have been so much different. Why did I hold back? Sigh. Don't worry. Fun will come soon. I few more years and I'm set to go. Damn-these-books-now-I'm-daydreaming-a-lot.

♥ Cathypurry

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