Tuesday, June 26 @ 8:36 PM 
Catherine Tugap

Have you ever felt
The urge to have something within yourself?
This maybe kinda boring,
But I want to get it off my chest.

For so long I have pretended,
That I have someone in my life.
To back off the people
That will hinder my goals in life.

But it has come to this point,
That I can't seem to escape from the reality
No man is an island
But I don't want this to see.

I need something that I can confess
And I don't need a perfect line
To say what's on my mind
But I want to try.


What would it feel
To have someone to cuddle?
To be loved and be in love?
But I know it's a lot of trouble.

Though I must confess,
Those things I've said
All of them was a lie
To cover what I feel inside.

Yet I'm impressed to myself
How I can hide my feelings to him
Nobody knows the truth (ONLY GOD KNOWS BELIEVE ME >:)
But it's all right in front of them.

But I hope this someone
Will notice the way I look to him
I may appear so blank
But I'm jumping with joy inside! :P


What would it feel
To hold hands with you?
To talk all the topics
And just be true.

However, I know,
We'll never be together
I'd like to escape from the fact
That you still have feelings for her.

But I won't give up
Even though we don't talk much
Just being with you is enough, (for a moment there)
And that's more than I want to ask.

Is this just a fling?
Or am I totally whipped?
Because I'm just imagining
What would it feel to be with him.


And I hate you for this
For making me lose my focus
I hate this feeling
But I don't want this to end.

Time will pass by
So quickly and I can't deny
This is all just a big illusion
And I don't want this misapprehension.

I'm just wishing
This will soon be over
And go back to the usual
Which I don't have to wonder.

Every second of the day
You give me the tingles
As much as I want to go away
But my eyes just twinkle! (rofl with the rhymes!)

I probably need to end this soon
For I'm almost writing a novel
This is just the effect
How sweet love/like can get.

But the question is still here
How would it feel?
To have someone in your life?
Will it leave all your thoughts behind?


Bwahaha. Okay, Let's get this straight. I AM NOT IN LOVE though I like someone but it's just pure PHYSICAL ATTRACTION. You know us girls, who likes those 'handsome boys' LOL. I am not inspired nor will I ever admit who it is to someone else! See how it gave me the urge to write a FREE VERSE POEM? Some funny rhymes I got there eh? It's been bugging me for awhile though, I can't concentrate on my studies! Anyways, if your a grammar/ spelling NAZI please don't judge my poem! haha. If it's misspelled, it's obviously the keyboard's fault! And I NEVER PROOFREAD. I don't even read my blog posts lol. You know, just type type type. Okay, maybe some of my friends know, but I doubt if it's the REAL one. Though the one I share with them, is included with this poem too! :3 I STILL LIKE LIAM HEMSWORTH THOUGH HAHAHAHAHHAAHA. Okay moving on......

♥ Cathypurry

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Friday, June 22 @ 8:27 PM 

It's been almost a month since I last celebrated my birthday. I feel bad though because I haven't invited ALL of my friends especially all C6KSTB. That feeling sucks. Well to tell you the truth, I wasn't planning to invite a friend because I wanted it to be private and within our family only.

At the evening of May 30, my dad and I had some kind of business trip and unexpectedly saw this resort. As we were going home, (it was a 2hour drive) I suddenly patted my father and pulled over since I've been dying to have this 'supposedly-small-gathering-party?'. Well I already planned to treat my friends on a spa. (yay girlies!) But I guess, a lot of surprises comes in your way. And I mean it!

Fast forward...........

There's a one rule that my parents told me and that is NO BOYS. They've been emphasizing it since like.. I was born? lol. Then my parents told me to invite AT LEAST 3-5 friends ONLY. So I was planning to invite my SBM-close-batchmates-from-highschool-friends. Though I feel really bad because I can't invite these 3 guy friends. But I know, they understand that I can't. Do they?! :( Next is the C6KSTB friends, I haven't invited them all because there were limitations you know :( Gaaaaaah. Telling you the story is harder than I thought. But that's it.

I did enjoy the day and overall I have invited hmmm. 6 friends? yey for that -____- and one of our family friend haven't went with us due to some circumstances that can not be avoided.

As we went home, I literally 'kidnapped' them to our house! HAHA. Since after the so-called SECRET Party, they already planned to go home. And when we arrived home, I immediately introduced them to all of my pets! RAWR! And one unexpected surprise happened.... I GOT A DELIVERY! I don't want to detail things but the bottom line is: it was an almost tear-jerked moment but Clarissa was the one who soaked up!

If you want to know the details of their plan for me, here it is:

AND THE GIFT!!!!!!!! Those two pix on the left side :")))
(excuse the m.lhuillier calendar rofl!)

THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

♥ Cathypurry

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Tuesday, June 12 @ 1:21 PM 
Hey ya'll how ya doing? It's the start of the class and I'm feeling like it's still vacation.

I've been reading a lot of books lately. It's mostly teenage fiction. I'm fond on those type of genres. You know, school stuffs, the jocks and the nerds. I read around 5 books in a week already? I usually finish one in 4-5 hours only but you know there's SCHOOL so....

Anyways, when I imagine the characters especially the honks err the JOCKS. I'm digging on THE Hemsworth Brothers. Particularly LIAM. Is it a lot to ask?

At some point I just wonder how I regret I didn't enjoy my stay in HIGHSCHOOL. Damn right it sucks. But at the point the I NEVER ENJOYED IT EVER. You know why? Because I was too focus on this "ACADEMIC" stuffs that I forgot experiencing "FUN". Sometimes I ask myself, why didn't we bother to live in abroad? Gaaah. Life would have been so much different. Why did I hold back? Sigh. Don't worry. Fun will come soon. I few more years and I'm set to go. Damn-these-books-now-I'm-daydreaming-a-lot.

♥ Cathypurry
Saturday, June 2 @ 10:23 AM 


♥ Cathypurry

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