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~~~~~~~~~2. Most hurtful words said to me this summer.~~~~~~~~~~

1. When 2 bullies surprisingly teased me.
Here's how the story goes: We finished early in our exams. Then Aaron and I we're talking then these 2 classmates of ours suddenly said "Si Cathy taas tanawon pag layu, pero duulan dili man diay!", "Lage bai! First Impression nako kay abe nako taas sya, pero pag abay, ngee di diay." We were like haa? Why the heck would you suddenly talk about that? Of course we laughed but then they wouldn't stop talking about it! Aaron then said, "Sakita ato oi, if ako pa to P100 na dretso." YOUCH was all I could say. They're so bad T---------T

2. When we were out for an eat.
I overheard my friends said, "murag sila si Cathy. Imagina nalang daghan nga cathy!" Then I asked who they were, then he answered "Ang U girls haha." Of course we were laughing again until I asked what the U means. When he answered it, my mood suddenly turned upside down. How the fudge could you describe them like me? Thank you bai ha? Thank you! Sigh, What a bully. . .

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~2. WISHLIST~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

1. A Wall-portrait Marilyn Monroe Inspired colored picture of me please!

2. This please!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~2. Life Goals / Non Academically~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

1. Travel the world

2. And meet my partner...

♥ Cathypurry

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