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And yey! I'm done editing with my new layout! It's not that colorful than the previous one. Heck, it's black and white!

But anyway, the thing I like about my new layout, I think I can freely post a pic regardless of its size? haha. I don't know, I just finished it! There are still a lot of explorations that needed to be done :P But it's disadvantage! There's no previous button for it! That's why, if you want to check my old posts, just hover on to ARCHIVES! And choose your desired date! Lol, but a warning, you might end up discovering my deepest dark secrets. haha!

Let's have a tour to my previous blog layout.

It's more lively noh? Yeah, I felt that too.

On the other side of the news! I'm watching ANC. The mind control robot arm thing is way awesome. I want one!

♥ Cathypurry

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