I think I wanna marry you

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As you know, all my siblings has their own "partners" now and it left me wondering who would be my future husband.(▰˘◡˘▰)

After we, my sis and bro, went out in a place I have met my two ideal wanna-be-with guys. Waaaaaah I'm just too over excited to share this. Anyways gotta go now for Island hopping :P lateer (─‿‿─)


lol ^o^
I remember the boys, but I don't remember the feeling anymore

The first one.
I saw him when we went somewhere in a park. And he's tall, white and handsome. And had the perfect smile when he laughed and asked me "is it heavy?" about the bird. And I automatically fell for him the moment he looked at me with his cute braces on :3. It's so obvious that they're rich because his family we're like speaking english and he got those apple products blah blah blah. And it was so cute when he asked his mom saying, "mom can I touch it?" --referring to the gigantic turtle. Anyways moving on``````````

Next the second one.
We went out for groceries and in this mall there are a lot of handsome young men and gorgeous looking women (including me jk :P). And it was a total package for a sight-seeing because those things I said about what guy I wanted was so many there. -The tall white asian (chinky-eyed) guys, be it korean, chinese or japanese :P. But there's this one guy that I kept on (uhh what's this word.. ermm) something like bangga in the grocery. He's a tall white asian guy, the same age as me, and had his earphones on. You know the typical music lover guys with their jackets on. And he was so attractive. I don't know why we kept on bumping to each other (yes bump! that's the word! haha). Like when I'm in the canned goods section, he's there too and when I'm about to turn to the other section, we did BUMPED to each other. Well I had my earphones too, listening to music, that's why I can't hear if someone is approaching or like behind me because I'm just enjoying listening to a great piece of art. hahahhaha,

Even at the lines we are just beside each other like he's on counter 1 and I'm on 2. So one great idea came to me, "I shall use my transparent camera app!" So as I opened up the app and ready to use it, I looked over to his counter and just found his father there and then to my surprise he's just right behind me! Don't get confused because I wasn't in the line actually. I was like infront so I could have a great look at him and hoped to have a pic of him. But you know, life is unfair. I didn't get the pic because he's just behind me, hmmm I wonder he took a pic of me then? hahahahaha. If you can't picture it out, well, infront of the counter was some waiting area table there. And as soon as my sis was almost finished with her grocers, I went to her for help.

And then we waited longer than expected because this is what happens when you use a credit card kasi. And after I looked at him again, he was gone. Disappointed, I went over to the table and sang the first verse of the "man who can't be moved" by the scripts. And to my surprise, the background music in the mall was like "'cause if one day you'll wake up and find out your missing me~♫" I completely went totally blank. Speechless. And thought, what a teleserye my life is. If it was a movie, I'm sure it will be a blockbuster hit! Because everyone can relate to it. I just made a little smile, holding up the laughter and joy I felt as I excitedly texted my bffs about it.

So that was it :) Those two ideal guys that I think I want to marry in the future. Well you know, I mean the LOOKS. But life is inevitable, you don't know who you might end up with. ヅ


♥ Cathypurry

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