Breaks' 10-15

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BREAK 10. Tuesday. March 27, 2012.

Oh men, I should had made a long post for this one because this is a memorable day coz @ 5:23 I FINISHED READING THE MOCKING JAY! And since I'm lazy and haven't blog like for almost a week, I'll not give anymore insights. :( Well all I could say is that after reading the book I was like o_____o. Then I immediately called Ina. I almost cried when Finnick died. woops we got a spoiler here. So yeah it's a MOCKINGJAY DAY! :)

BREAK 11. Wednesday. March 28, 2012.

In the morning I went out for jogging and got me some few sweats XD. Then the whole day was spent on practice. And we practiced at my previous school must... I must say that MUST developed to a whole new level :) And I ended up being malas at the end of the day. My feet got fudging hurt and at the next morning I feel so helpless. I was like a limp and I can't move a darn thing! asdfghjkl!

BREAK 12. Thursday. March 29, 2012.

Shoot I'm still struggling from my whole body-ache with that fsdads dance. And also we were like walking in and out from place to place in MUST. My feet was dead tired! But I still went out in the mall to buy some stuffs for my vacation. That right pic over there is actually a SWIMSUIT! Can u believe it? So cool right? :D

BREAK 13. Friday. March 30, 2012

I forgot what happened this day. Did I jog with Ina? hmmm. probably. That's the highlight for today lol.

Break 14. Saturday. March 31, 2012.

Practice day again. But in the morning, I jog all around my subdivision! Specifically Phase 1. It was pretty exhausting but I still did a good job. haha. Then yah practice day again till 6:30. I just found out I can't dance with a 5-6inch sandal :( so sad. I can only dance by 2-4. Life sucks. Oh well.

BREAK 15. Sunday. April 1, 2012.

I pranked 2 persons today. My mom and my friend. So I secretly plot a one good prank to my parents but I got distracted or rather, my plan was ruined when this 'friend' called named Ina :P. So then when we were like talking for an hour it hit me to prank her a little bit. And she fell for it :success!: After that is my mom but I don't wanna detail it coz she got mad lol. I was almost grounded. Yep, grounded exist in my life like no tv, cp, or any electric gadgets :'(. Good thing I simply got away with it by changing the subject! haha. I'm goo--oo--ood!. Then we cooked some merienda from the bananas given by my parents' friend. Yep lots and lots of em, like a sack! No kidding. At the pic, the food is not yet cooked! for both of those! I forgot to take a pic after my mom's done cooking cause I immediately ate it :P I was hungry okaaay!?

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