"Your English is serious shit"

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I was searching around the internet for our English Speech when I read the comment of this guy:

my response is answered by these guys (►.◄)

To be honest, I didn't even understand what the antagonist wanted to convey. He's English was way below our standards and seriously, 35 countries? I'm just laughing my ass loud. *it's a fart lol* though, I was strucked by this statement:
"We agree that the English was terrrrrrrible and the message is incoherent and offensive at times but he has the right to be heard. Now you started to act like uncivilized people similar to a bees on the attack and got off to a different topic "English spelling". Stay the course, fellows! We have a problem."
And I totally agree. I wanted to say a lot about the -can't speak english guy- but Bobby9211 is right. This is one common problem of us Filipinos, we tend to get uncivilized the moment some people would try to tear our country. And this just shows how much we Filipinos care about each other and especially to our homeland. But if that's the case then why are we still suffering?

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