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Our second semester is almost gonna end and we're waiting because it's our finals next week. Our last week in this one NIGHTMARE semester. And this nightmare starts with this ONE PERSON. You might think I'm being cruel or harsh to the person but I tell you, almost all of my group of friends suffered because of him. We hate this one guy who always follows us where we go. We did the best we can to give him a hint to STAY AWAY WITH US. And I guess he's just too stupid or he got this huge ego or even too thick skinned to even be with our group. We are like, WHO ARE YOU TO EVEN BE WITH OUR GROUP?

In the start of the 2nd semester he was hanging out with us and I guess it was still ok until he got creepy. He is like a stalker who watches every move you make and we can't take it anymore. I want to say it to his face directly, "da faq are u looking at?!" It's like in every class he watches us, it's like a lion who is waiting to eat his prey. And the thing that annoys us is that baga kaayo sya ug dagway. Dili maulaw bisag masakpan na namu magtanaw. mutanaw dyapun. See how creepy he is?

The only one who keeps him in hanging out with us is because of my other friend. And I can say that my friend is really nice and I just would love to ask him that, how did u survive in him?

First. He's a stalker. Just like what I said on my first two paragraph.
Second. He will never get that WE DON'T WANT TO HANG WITH HIM!
Third. He's disrespectful. He's super rude. He always cuts us when my friends and I are in the middle of talking and doesn't even say "EXCUSE ME" ... dude, Where the fudge is your manners?!

And one time when we had our FFP Prayer Session. He was so disrespectful and wasn't afraid to humiliate one of my groupmates. we are having our PRAYER SESSION. What part of the word PRAYER SESSION don't you get? He started talking with my groupmate in the middle of our SACRED DISCUSSION. And then bursted out saying this: (in english version) "Dude, I lost my calculator where is it?" My groupmate responded, "I told you, I didn't stole it" -- it more sounded like that in english version because in vernacular my groupmate said "wala lage sa ako bai." And then the stalker told my groupmate "can i see your bag? I want to make sure" --vernacular "tanawon lang nako imung bag be basin naa didto"
To the fact na our ffp group consists of 9members and he said those words carelessly in front of us. We we're like "excuse me, who the fudge are u that our groupmate will stole your calculator? Our groupmate can buy a calculator ANYTIME." And we mean it. My groupmate is rich they own an INN and he's not the type of person who will steal a "calculator" from anyone else!

Fourth. He's thick skinned and he will never be ashamed even if we caught him starring to us. You might be wondering, why would it be creepy if someone will stare at you? Let me specify how we get horrified when he stares at us. At philosophy, it's like EVERY MINUTE he always watches me. On the first month around november (?) we were wondering what was he looking at on the first place and we discovered it was not the notes, the sits or even some insects that he's looking at. But he was looking at us, at me. And this continued for months, 3-4 months! You see how creepy it is to have someone looking at you every single time. Wow assuming tingali sya he's all that cool or even gwapo para magtanaw sa amu. Unya dili baya dyud! YUCK DOI, WA DYUD KAY ANGAY. The nightmare continues when my friends and I have our lunch. We tried our best to hurry up and leave the classroom hoping that we will leave him for once. And that never happened. It's like he will always find a way to be with us. At the topic--of talking we tried our best to talk in every possible way that he can't relate to us. Well they do. Because me with ann and clarissa don't hang out with them on lunchbreak because they always go out of the school. And that what one of my friends told me that they would always talk about highschool and stuffs. And at filipino, it is prefectly obvious and I mean it, ALL OF US kabalo nga grabe na dyud sya magtutok walay meeting sa filipino nga dili sya makatutok for 2-5minutes. Fudge, what's in my face huh?! naa koi hugaw? and every time he watches me I just felt the urge to raise up my hand and point out my mid finger on him and say, "get the fudge out of my sight or i'll swear I will get those eyeballs and throw it on the ground!"

In some time I know, u STALKER/PHOBIA will read this. And If u do, stay away from our lives! CAN'T U SEE WE DON'T LIKE YOU AND WHY WON'T YOU GET THAT!? Respect our rights as an individual who wants to have our freedom. And don't you dare look at me, or even look at us. Stop it. We can't take it anymore of your crap. Please stop it.

To all of you who reads this, stop prejudging that we are harsh and at some point we are invading the right of this certain individual because it's the total opposite of it. Yes, we never said it to him because we don't want to hurt him and this is the only place I could let go of my feelings.

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