Break 1: Sunday

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SUNDAY, March 18, 2012.

When I woke up on a Sunday Morning, I feel so relieved that my 'nightmare' semester has already ended. And it gets better, we had our fiesta! Yippee! It's our first time to celebrate fiesta in our home. You know, invite guests and prepare a lot of food. Yum!

Our so called "fiesta celebration" was not that FIESTA you are thinking about. It's kind of a formal one. We invited 4-5 guests only? and we made sure they were on a different time. haha Not what you expect right? We only got a chance to take a pic with these 3 family guests only. *sad*

So in our first guest, I was so surprised because my Tito's car is my dream car! *envy to the highest level!* I'm like drooling (oa) -- nakanganga when they arrived and I'm so freaking jealous!

Before when the TOYOTA VIOS got famous, it was already my dream car. But I guess I wasn't the only one who dreamt that. I was suddenly surprised when most of the cars now are vios... But now it's the FORD! yey! \m/ Well there are a lot of Ford at that models now in our city but there's something about this car that I urges me to have it. I like the luxurious color and the magnifico things inside it. I'm like "Tito please let me have you car! Please" He just laughed. lol.

And on our last guest, we had the Ibarra Family. Haha. It was actually a funny story. But it's a long one!!! I'm tired now and sleepy. So fast forward to the scene where I and the Ibarra siblings played cards. haha XD. It was really fun and I got closer to Ina's siblings! (char)

That was for Sunday. And hoping to have a productive day on the next one. Le me continuing my story on the next page.....

♥ Cathypurry

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