Break 7: Saturday

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Saturday. March 24, 2012.

Basically, this day was the HUNGER GAMES day. I devoted my time reading the book and hopefully finished the first one, the hunger games, by this day. And yes, I didn't disappoint myself I totally finished it! So I woke up at 6am with all the birds chirping outside and I open up the window curtains and it was a perfect day to read the book! Well, it wasn't actual book I read but it was an ebook. It took me less than 5-6hours to finish it? (completely without breaks)Yeah, whatever I'm a slow reader forgive me :P. By 1:00pm I finished the first book you know with breaks of course.

Compared to the movie, the book was much more specific, precise and complete. I understand bout the movie because I know they have to fit all the happenings in just less than 2 hours and it wasn't enough! I almost cried for RUE and possibly for CATO too. But the oh so cave scene was the best! XD hahahahahahhaha.

I've been screen-snapping my favorite part, lines, scenes from the book. And it just proves that the cast from the movie was perfect! Because I was imagining what Peeta looks like and I could have thought any other guy but who am I kidding, Josh Hutcherson fits the role 100%. And also Jennifer Lawrence, the funny and close-to-perfection lady for Katniss. And sorry to spoil but I'm a spoiler.

If you don't wanna get spoiled then PLEASE DON'T YOU DARE WATCH THE NEXT IMAGES.

So here are my favorite parts of the book :)) Since I don't wanna spoil too much I just chose some of the cave scenes.

ONE OF MY FAVORITE LINES is when Katniss said:
"That's exactly the kind of topic Haymitch told me to steer clear of"
Peeta replies, "Then I'll just have to fill in the blanks myself."

It gave me the squeak and I was like kicking the bed because I was so kilig haha.

After I finished reading THE HUNGER GAMES, I immediately went for the CATCHING FIRE. In the ebook it was like around 90+pages only. I don't know for the actual book though. And for me catching fire is where all the actual action happens. Yes the hunger games is where the problem started but in catching fire you'll be introduced to new characters and how their roles will affect in the mockingjay. And I am deeply inlove with FINNICK. Ahhhh finnick ♥ I wonder who would portray him on the next movie. Reading the catching fire was fast because every page of the book will give you the suspense on ''what will happen next?!?!!" I totally forgot how time flew by so quickly. I didn't even got snacks for it in the afternoon. I just realize it was evening already when my mother called for dinner. And I was like "uhh wait! I'm almost done! wait for another chapter.... -next chapter- ah nvm wait again for the next next chapter.." It didn't even matter when I was hungry because I was crazy, deeply gone crazy by the story XD. My parents were scared on what might have possessed me because I was particularly in the room, no lights, sitting in the corner and reading it. I was like a Ghost daw XD.

Favorite part of the CATCHING FIRE was the Train scene of course. :))And I tell you, there were a lot of action once they get to the arena. HMM WHAT ARENA!?!? hehehe *------* sorry. I forgot when did I really finished the book because I feel asleep after reading it without looking at the time. Maybe it was 8pm? 9? I don't know.

♥ Cathypurry

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