Break 0: Saturday

by - 8:24 PM

HI! Welcome to my new segment: SUMMER BREAK VACATION JOURNAL!

Here, I will be posting my so called "PRODUCTIVE ACTIVITY" = PRODUCTIVITY and making sure I'm using my vacation at its best! (Lol XD)

As you all know, College is a SERIOUS BUSINESS. And when I mean serious, less sleep and big eyebags. It all depends on U on how u respond to the demands in college life. So here is a small recap on what is my Freshman experience as a college student.

Number 1! It's only easy in the first sem.
Number 2! Be careful on second sem.

I don't wanna detail what happened in my 1st year. But I tell you, take note on Number 2.

One thing I regret the most is that I didn't got a chance to have a picture with ACD! I know it's sad so anyway I just had it with my girl friends :))

Yes, It's not that obvious in the picture but I have braces. YES BRACES...

**cathy! y would u have braces?! your teeth is perfect! there's no hiwi tooth in ur mouth!**

Well My Friend, YES THERE IS! I have been suffering from this one tooth below on the right side. Whenever I eat, somehow my tongue gets sangit and sometimes I'll get samad on my innner cheeks. Sorry for those bisaya words, I don't know how to perfectly explain it. ت

And that's the real reason behind it. I'm sorry for those people that I can't answer properly regarding this brace thing. But it's a long story and I'm lazy to tell it. Smile and Laugh is enough and saying "Lageee" :)

Having braces is like ERRRR. All I could say, "This is the prize of beauty." My level of beauty is from to ''⇓''. Since I got my braces, my cheeks got bigger, hence the fat face. It's harder to smile and it's been 3-4 months since I got it and still I ain't got my perfect smile yet. Plus my hair! My hair!! I cut it shorter. My inspiration for that was KC Concepcion. I don't know bout love-- but I cut it because I'm versatile! Deal with that! haha.

..but still.... (╥﹏╥)

I have so many rants bout this ONE HECK OF A SECOND SEMESTER.
But what the heck, let's just forget about it right?
And I'm positively sure I am not the only one. So CHEERS!

♥ Cathypurry

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