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Monday. March 26, 2012.

And my MOCKINGAY day has been revoked... again. I had no free time to myself as I went out to practice with my Cotillion thing. But before that, I went out with my parents and got me some tickets. I'm flying solo. Literally.

Anyways, we went to the mall to buy me some Luggage Bag and then went out to eat Lunch! yum! It's my first time to eat the Jap Siomai cute little thing and I'm surprised it was delicious. I thought for a minute there that it was just full of powder thing but indeed mas daghan og unod :D And also the fruit salad was nice and the fish and chicken dish that-I-don't-remember-the-name.

After the mouthwatering dish I just ate (say no more to 25" girl Q_Q) I went to the hotel to practice with our cotillion. My partner was absent so the practice was pretty useless to me. If you must know, I don't actually learn the steps I just put my trust on my partner XD.

And yes! I started reading MOCKINGJAY well I had a few chapters though on Sunday and it was a small step for me. :D

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Sunday. March 25, 2012.

This day was supposed to be the MOCKINGJAY day only! But I had to go out with my family. Waaaaah. The only chance I got to read the book in the evening only! And you know what? I feel asleep! Q________Q Why oh why must this happen!?

Nothing much to say here. But on the plus side! I checked my waist line and it was 25''! Can't you believe that?! On high school the measurement was always 27'' even in elementary I guess. U want proof? Look at zis.

Look, it's really hard to take a pic of yourself while your other hand is touching the measuring tape. And I had to take the pic closely so that the number will be visible. To have a 25" is a dream lol. Before I say ba bye to this waist line I got to celebrate it somehow. And as you all know, it's our summer vacation and you know what that means.... food. (╥﹏╥)

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Saturday. March 24, 2012.

Basically, this day was the HUNGER GAMES day. I devoted my time reading the book and hopefully finished the first one, the hunger games, by this day. And yes, I didn't disappoint myself I totally finished it! So I woke up at 6am with all the birds chirping outside and I open up the window curtains and it was a perfect day to read the book! Well, it wasn't actual book I read but it was an ebook. It took me less than 5-6hours to finish it? (completely without breaks)Yeah, whatever I'm a slow reader forgive me :P. By 1:00pm I finished the first book you know with breaks of course.

Compared to the movie, the book was much more specific, precise and complete. I understand bout the movie because I know they have to fit all the happenings in just less than 2 hours and it wasn't enough! I almost cried for RUE and possibly for CATO too. But the oh so cave scene was the best! XD hahahahahahhaha.

I've been screen-snapping my favorite part, lines, scenes from the book. And it just proves that the cast from the movie was perfect! Because I was imagining what Peeta looks like and I could have thought any other guy but who am I kidding, Josh Hutcherson fits the role 100%. And also Jennifer Lawrence, the funny and close-to-perfection lady for Katniss. And sorry to spoil but I'm a spoiler.

If you don't wanna get spoiled then PLEASE DON'T YOU DARE WATCH THE NEXT IMAGES.

So here are my favorite parts of the book :)) Since I don't wanna spoil too much I just chose some of the cave scenes.

ONE OF MY FAVORITE LINES is when Katniss said:
"That's exactly the kind of topic Haymitch told me to steer clear of"
Peeta replies, "Then I'll just have to fill in the blanks myself."

It gave me the squeak and I was like kicking the bed because I was so kilig haha.

After I finished reading THE HUNGER GAMES, I immediately went for the CATCHING FIRE. In the ebook it was like around 90+pages only. I don't know for the actual book though. And for me catching fire is where all the actual action happens. Yes the hunger games is where the problem started but in catching fire you'll be introduced to new characters and how their roles will affect in the mockingjay. And I am deeply inlove with FINNICK. Ahhhh finnick ♥ I wonder who would portray him on the next movie. Reading the catching fire was fast because every page of the book will give you the suspense on ''what will happen next?!?!!" I totally forgot how time flew by so quickly. I didn't even got snacks for it in the afternoon. I just realize it was evening already when my mother called for dinner. And I was like "uhh wait! I'm almost done! wait for another chapter.... -next chapter- ah nvm wait again for the next next chapter.." It didn't even matter when I was hungry because I was crazy, deeply gone crazy by the story XD. My parents were scared on what might have possessed me because I was particularly in the room, no lights, sitting in the corner and reading it. I was like a Ghost daw XD.

Favorite part of the CATCHING FIRE was the Train scene of course. :))And I tell you, there were a lot of action once they get to the arena. HMM WHAT ARENA!?!? hehehe *------* sorry. I forgot when did I really finished the book because I feel asleep after reading it without looking at the time. Maybe it was 8pm? 9? I don't know.

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Friday. March 23, 2012

We practiced for Doshia's Cotillion. The first time we practiced it, we got really dizzy @_________@. There were a lot of twirls and I was feeling like Katniss :P haha. I love the music choice because I know how to play it in the piano! It's called the Waltz of the Flowers. Since I was a kid I've been dreaming to dance to that wonderful piece! And yes, it came true!

After the practice I went to Anette's Grad Party. And I'm so glad I got to eat a lot of yummy foods after the exhausting practice. NOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOM!

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Tuesday, March 27 @ 6:49 PM 
Thursday. March 22, 2012.

It's funny how I can still remember what happened on that day when in fact I am blogging it as of today March 27. I guess since it was at that day where a wonderful thing came into my life. Where at the specific time: 2:40 the most amazing movie changed my life forever. It gave my the opportunity to read a novel again.

My friends and I watched THE HUNGER GAMES movie.

I can't think of words to say but the moment the movie ended it made me mad about the story.

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Wednesday, March 21 @ 10:37 PM 

♥ Cathypurry
@ 8:41 PM 
This side post is especially made to CLARISSA MARIE REYNOSO and to all aspiring procrastinators! I may be ashamed to tell it, but what the heck, I'm a 100% procrastinator! So now, I'll be teaching you the basics of this thing. I will be focusing more on the Internet stuffs.

So here, Clarissa is taking up PROCRASTINATION major in INTERNET.

Lesson 1. Set your basic procrastinating site.

Facebook, tumblr and twitter are mainstream so I introduce to you clarissa, ta-daaah! 9GAG! This is a great place to spend your time when you don't know what to do! Just sit comfortably and with your phone you can 9gag 24/7!

The site: Click 9gag

Lesson 2. Become 100% Youtuber!

Youtube is not just about watching movie trailers or even music videos! It's also a great place to be entertained by people's video blogs! Or even short movie films!

For Clarissa:
Step 1: for NIGAHIGA
Watch his movie clip! that stunned us last year when you were not even around! lol.

After that, you can watch all his other videos!

Step 2. If you liked, nigahiga, you would definitely love KEVJUMBA!

And again, after that you can watch all his vid!

Step 3. When you like those two guys you can check out their friend's vid too! they are called the YTF.

Step 4. A MUST step. Watch THE ELLEN DEGENERES SHOW! Check out Ellen's hilarious pranks and interviews with the other celebs!





LESSON 3. Watch (and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER! You are literally missing one half of your life!

If you wanna download it, pm me to know how ಠ◡ಠ

Lesson 4. Nobody would ever forget GLEE RIGHT?
Lesson 5. the MOVIES.
PM me on FB for more info.

AND THAT'S IT! I hope you have learned a lot through the lesson. And being lazy is not a bad thing! At one point in your life, you need to take a break and have it all to yourself. Enjoy~ CHEERS!

♪ └|∵┌| └| ∵ |┘ |┐∵|┘

♥ Cathypurry

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012.

All I can say is that this is the most relaxing day! ...Yet!

The highlight for this day is our full 'aroma oil' Thai massage. I don't wanna detail the story because I am so relaxed now (▰˘◡˘▰). My expectations for the place of body spa was bright. And it was completely the opposite of it! I was shocked as I entered the place because it was dark! Then it hit me, duhh cathy! The purpose is to deeply relax the customer. nyahaha.

Then after that we went out to eat.

A lot of things happened today but that one is the climax part! :D

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Tuesday, March 20 @ 10:40 PM 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012.

One productive day!

Today I went to the city and probably spent my entire day in the mall. Is it productive? *w* Then I went to my dentist and had my band changed! The color is ta daaah~ transparent. It's actually quite cool! And it leaves your teeth cleaner and whiter! :)

I got wounds on my feet because of the high heels I wore. Good thing I brought another pair of sandals and it was better. My dad and I were waiting for mom. As we waited, I just stroll around the mall! That's why my feet now is sooo exhausted. I was finding a set of clothes and sandals that I actually wanna buy this vacation.

What you see is what you get (─‿‿─)

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Monday, March 19, 2012.

....le me continuing the story...THIS DAY WAS UNproductive!
I don't have a lot of words to say but I'm just gonna give some timelines ☜-(ΘLΘ)-☞

09:00: I woke up, with a headache
09:15: Breakfast
09:30: Watched Kris TV
10:00: Shower
10:30: Watched MY BIG LOVE ♥

12:00: Showtime
12:01: Lunch
03:00: In my room. Making a 'cover' and being vain (was supposed to watch Breakfast at Tiffany's and Inception) v( ‘.’ )v
07:00: Dinner
07:30: Kakao, 9gag, Fb, Twitter, Simsimi
11:00: Fring

01:00: Sleep

You know what I love about this day? It is MONDAY! And I'm glad I didn't have to wake up early and go to school! Fuuuuudge Yeah! Garfield, What can you say about that?
┌( ಠ_ಠ)┘

♥ Cathypurry

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SUNDAY, March 18, 2012.

When I woke up on a Sunday Morning, I feel so relieved that my 'nightmare' semester has already ended. And it gets better, we had our fiesta! Yippee! It's our first time to celebrate fiesta in our home. You know, invite guests and prepare a lot of food. Yum!

Our so called "fiesta celebration" was not that FIESTA you are thinking about. It's kind of a formal one. We invited 4-5 guests only? and we made sure they were on a different time. haha Not what you expect right? We only got a chance to take a pic with these 3 family guests only. *sad*

So in our first guest, I was so surprised because my Tito's car is my dream car! *envy to the highest level!* I'm like drooling (oa) -- nakanganga when they arrived and I'm so freaking jealous!

Before when the TOYOTA VIOS got famous, it was already my dream car. But I guess I wasn't the only one who dreamt that. I was suddenly surprised when most of the cars now are vios... But now it's the FORD! yey! \m/ Well there are a lot of Ford at that models now in our city but there's something about this car that I urges me to have it. I like the luxurious color and the magnifico things inside it. I'm like "Tito please let me have you car! Please" He just laughed. lol.

And on our last guest, we had the Ibarra Family. Haha. It was actually a funny story. But it's a long one!!! I'm tired now and sleepy. So fast forward to the scene where I and the Ibarra siblings played cards. haha XD. It was really fun and I got closer to Ina's siblings! (char)

That was for Sunday. And hoping to have a productive day on the next one. Le me continuing my story on the next page.....

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HI! Welcome to my new segment: SUMMER BREAK VACATION JOURNAL!

Here, I will be posting my so called "PRODUCTIVE ACTIVITY" = PRODUCTIVITY and making sure I'm using my vacation at its best! (Lol XD)

As you all know, College is a SERIOUS BUSINESS. And when I mean serious, less sleep and big eyebags. It all depends on U on how u respond to the demands in college life. So here is a small recap on what is my Freshman experience as a college student.

Number 1! It's only easy in the first sem.
Number 2! Be careful on second sem.

I don't wanna detail what happened in my 1st year. But I tell you, take note on Number 2.

One thing I regret the most is that I didn't got a chance to have a picture with ACD! I know it's sad so anyway I just had it with my girl friends :))

Yes, It's not that obvious in the picture but I have braces. YES BRACES...

**cathy! y would u have braces?! your teeth is perfect! there's no hiwi tooth in ur mouth!**

Well My Friend, YES THERE IS! I have been suffering from this one tooth below on the right side. Whenever I eat, somehow my tongue gets sangit and sometimes I'll get samad on my innner cheeks. Sorry for those bisaya words, I don't know how to perfectly explain it. ت

And that's the real reason behind it. I'm sorry for those people that I can't answer properly regarding this brace thing. But it's a long story and I'm lazy to tell it. Smile and Laugh is enough and saying "Lageee" :)

Having braces is like ERRRR. All I could say, "This is the prize of beauty." My level of beauty is from to ''⇓''. Since I got my braces, my cheeks got bigger, hence the fat face. It's harder to smile and it's been 3-4 months since I got it and still I ain't got my perfect smile yet. Plus my hair! My hair!! I cut it shorter. My inspiration for that was KC Concepcion. I don't know bout love-- but I cut it because I'm versatile! Deal with that! haha.

..but still.... (╥﹏╥)

I have so many rants bout this ONE HECK OF A SECOND SEMESTER.
But what the heck, let's just forget about it right?
And I'm positively sure I am not the only one. So CHEERS!

♥ Cathypurry
Thursday, March 8 @ 9:20 PM 
I was searching around the internet for our English Speech when I read the comment of this guy:

my response is answered by these guys (►.◄)

To be honest, I didn't even understand what the antagonist wanted to convey. He's English was way below our standards and seriously, 35 countries? I'm just laughing my ass loud. *it's a fart lol* though, I was strucked by this statement:
"We agree that the English was terrrrrrrible and the message is incoherent and offensive at times but he has the right to be heard. Now you started to act like uncivilized people similar to a bees on the attack and got off to a different topic "English spelling". Stay the course, fellows! We have a problem."
And I totally agree. I wanted to say a lot about the -can't speak english guy- but Bobby9211 is right. This is one common problem of us Filipinos, we tend to get uncivilized the moment some people would try to tear our country. And this just shows how much we Filipinos care about each other and especially to our homeland. But if that's the case then why are we still suffering?

Find out more on my SPEECH @ XU, March 10, 2012 ᵔᴥᵔ

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AVERTISSEMENT: Ceci est un message HAINE

Notre second semestre est presque vais finir et nous attendons parce que c'est nos finale la semaine prochaine. Notre dernière semaine de ce semestre un cauchemar. Et ce cauchemar commence avec cette personne. Vous pourriez penser que je suis être cruel ou sévère de la personne, mais je vous le dis, la quasi-totalité de mon groupe d'amis a souffert à cause de lui. Nous détestons ce gars-là celui qui suit toujours nous où nous allons. Nous avons fait mieux que nous pouvons lui donner un soupçon de rester loin AVEC États-Unis. Et je suppose qu'il est tout simplement trop stupide ou il a obtenu cet ego énorme, voire trop épaisse peau de même être avec notre groupe.Nous sommes comme, Qui êtes vous pour même être avec notre groupe?

Dans le début du 2ème semestre, il a été à traîner avec nous et je crois que c'était quand même bien jusqu'à ce qu'il obtienne chair de poule. Il est comme un harceleur qui regarde chaque mouvement que vous faites et nous ne pouvons pas le prendre plus. Je veux le dire à son visage directement, "da faq sont u regardant u @ $ # 0 \ 3!" C'est comme dans toutes les classes, il nous regarde, c'est comme un lion qui est en attente de manger sa proie. Et la chose qui nous ennuie, c'est que baga kaayo DAGWAY ug sya. Dili maulaw bisag masakpan na namu magtanaw. mutanaw dyapun. Voyez comment il est effrayant?

Le seul qui le maintient dans traîner avec nous, c'est à cause de mon autre ami. Et je peux dire que mon ami est vraiment sympa et je viens de aimerions lui poser la question, comment avez-u survivre en lui?

Maintenant u peut se demander, qu'at-il faire et comment VENEZ NOUS LUI tant de haine?
Première. Il s'agit d'un harceleur. Tout comme ce que j'ai dit sur mes deux premiers paragraphe.
Deuxième. Il ne sera jamais que NOUS NE VOULONS PAS POUR ACCROCHER AVEC LUI!
Troisième. Il est irrespectueux. Il est super désagréable. Il coupe toujours nous quand mes amis et moi sommes au milieu de parler et de ne même pas dire "excusez-moi» ...Dude, Where le fudge est vos manières!

Et un moment où nous avons eu notre séance de prière FFP. Il était tellement irrespectueux et n'avait pas peur d'humilier l'un de mes groupmates. nous avons notre séance de prière. Quelle partie de la séance de prière mot ne vous obtenez? Il a commencé à parler avec mon groupmate au milieu de notre discussion SACRÉ. Et puis éclaté en disant ceci: "? Mec, j'ai perdu ma calculatrice où est-elle" (en version anglaise) Mon groupmate répondu: «Je vous l'ai dit, je ne l'ai pas volé» - plus ressemblé à ce que dans la version anglaise parce que dans ma langue vernaculaire groupmate a déclaré: "wala lage sa ako bai." Et puis le harceleur a dit à mon groupmate "ce que je peux voir votre sac, je veux m'assurer?" - Vernaculaire »tanawon lang nako imung sac sera bassin naa didto"
Pour le fait na notre groupe se compose de FFP 9members et il a dit ces mots avec insouciance en face de nous. Nous nous sommes comme des «excusez-moi, qui le fudge sont u que notre groupmate sera volé votre calculatrice? Notre groupmate pouvez acheter une calculatrice TOUT TEMPS." Et nous l'entendons. Mon groupmate est riche qu'ils possèdent une DCI et il n'est pas le genre de personne qui vole un "calculateur" de quelqu'un d'autre!

Quatrième. Il est à peau épaisse et il ne sera jamais honte, même si nous avons pris le mettant en vedette pour nous. Vous demandez peut-être, pourquoi serait-il effrayant si quelqu'un vous regardera? Permettez-moi de préciser comment nous nous horrifié quand il nous regarde. A la philosophie, c'est comme CHAQUE MINUTE, il regarde toujours moi. Sur le premier mois aux alentours de novembre (?), On se demandait ce que cherchait-il à la première place et nous avons découvert que ce n'était pas les notes, le siège ou même certains insectes qu'il regarde. Mais il nous regardait, à moi.Et cela a continué pendant des mois, 3-4 mois! Vous voyez comment il est effrayant d'avoir quelqu'un qui vous regarde à chaque fois. Wow en supposant tingali sya il est tout ce que froide ou même gwapo par magtanaw sa uma. UNYA diligence baya dyud!Beurk DOI, WA DYUD KAY ANGAY. Le cauchemar continue quand mes amis et moi avons notre déjeuner. Nous avons essayé de notre mieux de se dépêcher et de quitter la salle de classe en espérant que nous allons le laisser pour une fois. Et ce n'est jamais arrivé. C'est comme il trouvera toujours une façon d'être avec nous. Au sujet - de parler, nous avons essayé de notre mieux pour parler de toutes les manières possible qu'il ne peut pas s'identifier à nous. Eh bien ils le font. Parce que moi avec Ann et Clarissa ne pas traîner avec eux sur pause déjeuner parce qu'ils ont toujours de sortir de l'école. Et que ce l'un de mes amis m'ont dit qu'ils seraient toujours parler lycée et des étoffes. Et au Philippin, il est évident prefectly et je le pense, TOUS des États-Unis Kabalo nga na Grabe dyud sya magtutok walay réunion SA filipino nga diligence makatutok sya pour le 2-cinq minutes. Fudge, ce qu'il ya dans mon visage hein?! naa koi hugaw? et chaque fois qu'il me regarde, je me sentais l'envie de relever ma main et mon doigt sur le point mi sur lui et dire, «faire le fudge hors de ma vue ou je vous jure que je obtenir ces globes oculaires et de le jeter sur le terre! "

Dans quelque temps, je sais, STALKER u / PHOBIE liront ce. Et si u ne, rester à l'écart de nos vies! NE PEUT PAS VOIR U NOUS NE vous aimez et pourquoi vous n'irez pas QUE!? Respecter nos droits en tant que personne qui veut avoir notre liberté. Et ne vous avisez pas de me regarder, ou même nous regarder. Arrêtez. Nous ne pouvons pas le prendre plus de votre merde. S'il vous plaît arrêter.

Pour vous tous qui lit ceci, arrêter préjuger que nous sommes rigoureux et à un certain moment nous envahissons le droit de cette personne en particulier parce que c'est tout le contraire de celui-ci. Oui, nous n'avons jamais dit à lui parce que nous ne voulons pas lui faire de mal et c'est le seul endroit où je pourrais laisser aller de mes sentiments.

no ♥ Cathypurry
@ 7:12 PM 

Our second semester is almost gonna end and we're waiting because it's our finals next week. Our last week in this one NIGHTMARE semester. And this nightmare starts with this ONE PERSON. You might think I'm being cruel or harsh to the person but I tell you, almost all of my group of friends suffered because of him. We hate this one guy who always follows us where we go. We did the best we can to give him a hint to STAY AWAY WITH US. And I guess he's just too stupid or he got this huge ego or even too thick skinned to even be with our group. We are like, WHO ARE YOU TO EVEN BE WITH OUR GROUP?

In the start of the 2nd semester he was hanging out with us and I guess it was still ok until he got creepy. He is like a stalker who watches every move you make and we can't take it anymore. I want to say it to his face directly, "da faq are u looking at?!" It's like in every class he watches us, it's like a lion who is waiting to eat his prey. And the thing that annoys us is that baga kaayo sya ug dagway. Dili maulaw bisag masakpan na namu magtanaw. mutanaw dyapun. See how creepy he is?

The only one who keeps him in hanging out with us is because of my other friend. And I can say that my friend is really nice and I just would love to ask him that, how did u survive in him?

First. He's a stalker. Just like what I said on my first two paragraph.
Second. He will never get that WE DON'T WANT TO HANG WITH HIM!
Third. He's disrespectful. He's super rude. He always cuts us when my friends and I are in the middle of talking and doesn't even say "EXCUSE ME" ... dude, Where the fudge is your manners?!

And one time when we had our FFP Prayer Session. He was so disrespectful and wasn't afraid to humiliate one of my groupmates. we are having our PRAYER SESSION. What part of the word PRAYER SESSION don't you get? He started talking with my groupmate in the middle of our SACRED DISCUSSION. And then bursted out saying this: (in english version) "Dude, I lost my calculator where is it?" My groupmate responded, "I told you, I didn't stole it" -- it more sounded like that in english version because in vernacular my groupmate said "wala lage sa ako bai." And then the stalker told my groupmate "can i see your bag? I want to make sure" --vernacular "tanawon lang nako imung bag be basin naa didto"
To the fact na our ffp group consists of 9members and he said those words carelessly in front of us. We we're like "excuse me, who the fudge are u that our groupmate will stole your calculator? Our groupmate can buy a calculator ANYTIME." And we mean it. My groupmate is rich they own an INN and he's not the type of person who will steal a "calculator" from anyone else!

Fourth. He's thick skinned and he will never be ashamed even if we caught him starring to us. You might be wondering, why would it be creepy if someone will stare at you? Let me specify how we get horrified when he stares at us. At philosophy, it's like EVERY MINUTE he always watches me. On the first month around november (?) we were wondering what was he looking at on the first place and we discovered it was not the notes, the sits or even some insects that he's looking at. But he was looking at us, at me. And this continued for months, 3-4 months! You see how creepy it is to have someone looking at you every single time. Wow assuming tingali sya he's all that cool or even gwapo para magtanaw sa amu. Unya dili baya dyud! YUCK DOI, WA DYUD KAY ANGAY. The nightmare continues when my friends and I have our lunch. We tried our best to hurry up and leave the classroom hoping that we will leave him for once. And that never happened. It's like he will always find a way to be with us. At the topic--of talking we tried our best to talk in every possible way that he can't relate to us. Well they do. Because me with ann and clarissa don't hang out with them on lunchbreak because they always go out of the school. And that what one of my friends told me that they would always talk about highschool and stuffs. And at filipino, it is prefectly obvious and I mean it, ALL OF US kabalo nga grabe na dyud sya magtutok walay meeting sa filipino nga dili sya makatutok for 2-5minutes. Fudge, what's in my face huh?! naa koi hugaw? and every time he watches me I just felt the urge to raise up my hand and point out my mid finger on him and say, "get the fudge out of my sight or i'll swear I will get those eyeballs and throw it on the ground!"

In some time I know, u STALKER/PHOBIA will read this. And If u do, stay away from our lives! CAN'T U SEE WE DON'T LIKE YOU AND WHY WON'T YOU GET THAT!? Respect our rights as an individual who wants to have our freedom. And don't you dare look at me, or even look at us. Stop it. We can't take it anymore of your crap. Please stop it.

To all of you who reads this, stop prejudging that we are harsh and at some point we are invading the right of this certain individual because it's the total opposite of it. Yes, we never said it to him because we don't want to hurt him and this is the only place I could let go of my feelings.

no ♥ Cathypurry