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Stressed over midterms? (YES!!!) Over everything else you have to do this time of year? (NOT YET) Over so many things you can't even make a to-do list, because just seeing how big it is will stress you out even more? (HUMANA MAN) Make sure to take a few minutes whenever you can to take care of yourself, too. A few quick ideas for reducing stress during this busy time:

Do something physical. Go for a walk, join an intramural game, go for a bike ride, go for a run. Just go do something.

Get some alone time. This may sound strange, but finding a few moments of peace and quiet for yourself can do wonders for your mental health. Grab a carrel in the library and hide while tackling a major project.

Do something for pleasure. Often, when things are crazy, everything you do is goal-oriented: read this for class, write that up for lab, organize this for a group presentation. Do something fun without making an end goal mandatory. Try reading a trashy magazine, playing a video game, or making a new playlist for your mp3 player.



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