Speaker vs Listener

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Let me tell you something about myself. Ala Mojo jojo mode: (more of the thus)

I'm more on a speaker than a listener. I hate being a listener thus I like being a speaker. Unfortunately, to become a speaker, one must learn how to be a listener so that the listener will be like a speaker. But that is the problem of me, I hate being a listener thus being a follower. Because being a follower, means that you are not a leader. To be a leader, he/she must also be a listener but he/she is often a speaker.

Arghh~ I hate being a listener because I have a hearing impairment and thus listening is hard for me. I may misinterpret what the teacher told us. Like what happened in Actg during our seatwork, I may have misheard some numbers like instead of 15, I may have wrote 50 that is why the balancing amount was unequal. Also in our Filipino today, I thought I'm going to ace our test but because of those stupid *common sense, parallel structure* term like if the word was NAPANATILI the answer word must be NAPAANTALA OR NAAAANTALA something like that. Ahh I don't want to detail everything because I'm really disappointed to myself especially in Bio

Conclusion statement: I'm weak at listening.

♥ Cathypurry

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