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At last, I can now blog on my theme that I worked for two nights just to recode everything ! :D

Thinking of my new theme requires hard work, patience, and perseverance. CHAR. Well... the quick and right decision-making only applied to that :) Before I go blab to my new theme, let's have a quick review of my previous theme/template. I gotta admit, that was one of my greatest theme yet.

my personal homepage (hmm it looks simple does it? well let's click one colored button)

tadaah my welcome page (haha it's sooo preschool/y)

lastly my favorite, 15 random facts about me :)

Well I want to put it in my new theme but I decided not to because there's such a saying that goes, "Yesterday is the past... tomorrow is the future... but today is a gift... that is why it's called 'PRESENT' " --weeh Master Oogway is that u?

Those were just a snapshots for my previous blogger template. So anyway, as I was searching for a new one I was stuck in the middle trying to decide which theme I should take.

This one:

Or this one:

Both are simple but... yeah simple but at least it's white! (???!) Haha, I don't know it's different from my previous but this gives me a positive aura. Don't you? So I have to decide which one.. And I chose the second! It gives out a lot of colors and it brightens up my mood :D Recoding it all is not easy as you are reading my post. It eats up your time, give you a back pain and also the big dark circled EYE BAGS. I need to recode it for the betterment of my blog so CHEERS! (water cheers!)

Yep, I'm already a college student at such a young age.
That's what you called 'ACCELERATED'
Haha, can't believe it? Naka-minus ka noh?

Being on College, having my specialized course means being serious and less time on everything. FOR ME. But then where the heck did I find the time to update this blog!? The answer my friend lies on what you called a 5-day vacation from school! Well I'm out of lines so I guess it ends here wahaha^^, see you on the next post! (5minutes later... :P)

♥ Cathypurry

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