Sunday, July 31 @ 6:35 PM 
"We, for our part, love because He first loved us. If anyone says, 'My love is fixed on God,' yet hates his brother, he is a liar. One who has no love for the brother he has seen cannot love the God he has seen. The commandment we have from him is this: whoever loves God must also love his brother."

- 1 Jn 4, 19-21


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Tuesday, July 26 @ 8:15 PM 
Let me tell you something about myself. Ala Mojo jojo mode: (more of the thus)

I'm more on a speaker than a listener. I hate being a listener thus I like being a speaker. Unfortunately, to become a speaker, one must learn how to be a listener so that the listener will be like a speaker. But that is the problem of me, I hate being a listener thus being a follower. Because being a follower, means that you are not a leader. To be a leader, he/she must also be a listener but he/she is often a speaker.

Arghh~ I hate being a listener because I have a hearing impairment and thus listening is hard for me. I may misinterpret what the teacher told us. Like what happened in Actg during our seatwork, I may have misheard some numbers like instead of 15, I may have wrote 50 that is why the balancing amount was unequal. Also in our Filipino today, I thought I'm going to ace our test but because of those stupid *common sense, parallel structure* term like if the word was NAPANATILI the answer word must be NAPAANTALA OR NAAAANTALA something like that. Ahh I don't want to detail everything because I'm really disappointed to myself especially in Bio

Conclusion statement: I'm weak at listening.

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Sunday, July 24 @ 10:51 AM 
Again people, I chose the music-trailer-music of WHO SAYS by selena gomez because I like the trailer! You gotta watch the video below my playlist! I really love it!

Ok, so I would have chosen the FULL MUSIC ONLY of Who says but I chose that because I like the trailer :)))))))))

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Friday, July 22 @ 11:23 AM 
Bisaya mode: quick post:

Yeah for me HP7 p2 was so-so. Parang may kulang eh. I know, it's because a 2-hour movie is not enough so ila dyud gi igo ana nga oras. Waah, daghan tong murag fave parts nga wala naapil sa movie. Grrr. NORMAL ra dyud sya, wala epek sa ako.


Well everybody has its own opinion right? *dili diay sya 'it* Basta wala na emphasize tong pag patay kai snape, nag expect ko nga murag dugay basta daghan pa og happenings. Dali ra kaayo to sa pagpatay niya waaah. At least didto ra sa flashback ko nagka *teary-eyes . Sa ending pud kai wala to naapil ang favorite line ni Ron nga nagstorya sa iyang anak about sa anak ni Draco. Dapat daghan pa to na! As what the other critics would say, KULANG ra and BITIN.

Basta yun lang, disappointed.. So my tip for you is, DON"T EXPECT!
Grabe kau akong excitement adto pang March mao ra man diay >.< Oh well so yun lang :)

Now I'm addicted to SNL! that's it

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Thursday, July 21 @ 11:03 PM 
At last, I can now blog on my theme that I worked for two nights just to recode everything ! :D

Thinking of my new theme requires hard work, patience, and perseverance. CHAR. Well... the quick and right decision-making only applied to that :) Before I go blab to my new theme, let's have a quick review of my previous theme/template. I gotta admit, that was one of my greatest theme yet.

my personal homepage (hmm it looks simple does it? well let's click one colored button)

tadaah my welcome page (haha it's sooo preschool/y)

lastly my favorite, 15 random facts about me :)

Well I want to put it in my new theme but I decided not to because there's such a saying that goes, "Yesterday is the past... tomorrow is the future... but today is a gift... that is why it's called 'PRESENT' " --weeh Master Oogway is that u?

Those were just a snapshots for my previous blogger template. So anyway, as I was searching for a new one I was stuck in the middle trying to decide which theme I should take.

This one:

Or this one:

Both are simple but... yeah simple but at least it's white! (???!) Haha, I don't know it's different from my previous but this gives me a positive aura. Don't you? So I have to decide which one.. And I chose the second! It gives out a lot of colors and it brightens up my mood :D Recoding it all is not easy as you are reading my post. It eats up your time, give you a back pain and also the big dark circled EYE BAGS. I need to recode it for the betterment of my blog so CHEERS! (water cheers!)

Yep, I'm already a college student at such a young age.
That's what you called 'ACCELERATED'
Haha, can't believe it? Naka-minus ka noh?

Being on College, having my specialized course means being serious and less time on everything. FOR ME. But then where the heck did I find the time to update this blog!? The answer my friend lies on what you called a 5-day vacation from school! Well I'm out of lines so I guess it ends here wahaha^^, see you on the next post! (5minutes later... :P)

♥ Cathypurry
@ 12:43 AM 

okaaay, so you might be wondering why this is my first post for such a long time with this new AMAZING theme! SO I'm gonna post about my theme next time because for now, I am so inspired of Selena Gomez!

For those who have already heard of my playlist, it was all THE PARTY-PARTY kind of music. You know, the lively one musicS. So again, you might be wondering of one music the WHO SAYS song of Selena, it is not the whole music! Instead it's the short trailer of the movie Monte Carlo!
Why? I feel so happy when I hear this song PLUS I am so excited for the movie! WAAAH I'm going crazy RAWR! ^^

Honestly, when I was still like in highschool, Selena Gomez was just a SO-so for me unlike Miley Cyrus which I really look up to. Ok ok, some of you dislike Miley right? Don't deny it but I admire her for I don't know. So anyway, because of the song WHO SAYS by Selena, my whole world turned up-side-down. I never know how famous Selena is. She is really a good model! She's not like some hollywood stars who overuse his/her fame and do some random sht. (Haha whoops sorry for that) Though she's like dating Bieber and blah blah about her but she's one of a kind star. She's an ambassador of UNICEF and I never know any scandal of her (well except for the part of justin though) but over all, it was only that. Did you saw her getting naked? kissing some random people? NO!

I'm inspired because of her. Excited to watch her movie. I truly idolize her. And best of all, ......SHE'S A GOOD ROLE MODEL! (forget the part when she's dating a younger boy/man or whatever you call bieber :D) I LOVE HER!



♥ Cathypurry

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