i will always love you

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I never thought it would happen so early but I just lost her. God didn't let me celebrate with her on my birthday,..... but I know He did it because He wants to end her suffering. God is almighty and I know that my dog, roushie is in good hands right now where she will never feel sad forever.

Roushie your buddy Muffins will surely miss you. I can see how sad muffins is when my dad took the body of roushie she was always staring at her recently lost friend. Kahilakon na dyud kaayo ko, on the recent days I never felt at ease because I was never excited on my birthday. It is like something bad is gonna happen. My mom scolds me whenever I try to talk to her about the foods that I'm gonna have. As you know, ganina they were in a vigil because our neighbor just died because of an accident. There was like a sign because when I was alone I saw a rare black butterfly which went near me and I was frightened that something bad might happen. You may think this is stupid and beliefs like that but a bad news did happen.

But I never wasted time, I knew that roushie was gonna say goodbye soon I was spending my time with her. Pero, sakit kaayo tanawon because I knew that she really wanted to run and play like we used to do but her body just couldn't do what she wants. Dili na kaya sa iyang body, di na dyud sya kalihok, and the only sign is that she wags her tail whenever I call her name.

I will miss the time when atong 2nd year ko, ni brownout gabii, and I was all alone in the house, good thing I have my roushie at my side. I was so afraid and just sitted outside the house and there she comforted me. I will miss her grabeh nga kaulit nga attitude. Because if mag-"pabahog" na ko sa mga pets, dali ra dyud niya mahurot doh. Coz it's like this, si roushie ang last nako ipakaon, kai i know super ulit dyud siya, so when musulod nako sa balay para iuli sa tong plate akong gigamit pagbalik na ko sa gwas, hurot na iyang pagkaon! and nangilog na sya sa mga iring! :'} haha. I will miss those times when I was teaching her some tricks like : STANDING UP, SHAKING HANDS i mean paws or whatever you call it for the dogs hehe. She never fails to make me smile I will miss her so much.

And you know what, ROUSHIE was my FIRST ever pet dog. She was given by my aunt when we transferred here in trinitas, my dog was a gift from heaven :'}. I remember the first moment I saw her, she was really shy, grabe ka hadlukon and still small but not like a puppy anymore she's like a kid na ato. She was the mature one because whenever muffins will gara-gara because grabe ka kiat I will just say : 'roushie oh si muffins' then roushie will like growl, or how do u say that, basta mag murmur and if super hyper na kau si muffins mu aw-aw na daun sya. Yes, she is like the ate and kung sa jungle pa, QUEEN OF THE JUNGLE na na siya, sya dyud ang tig,incharge mag bantay sa balay, always alert, because one lihok lang pagkagabii sa gawas sa gate, or if she senses something suspicious, she will bark na daun.

I will miss being with her but it never fails that I am quite happy now coz her sufferings has already ended and she is with God now. LONG LIVE ROUSHIE !

♥ Cathypurry

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