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wow tsada kau ang feeling maging rich for a moment~
My super duper NINONG visited us from Davao. He's quiet rich ya know, knowing he owns a restaurant there, has a 3-storey house etc. We went to coco bay and stayed there for a night. And tsada man diay kau ang place! i super duper love it! It's really clean and peaceful :D

But samok kau because after that I have to wake up early and go to school for our recogniion day. and WALAY PULOS kai di man diay mi pasudlon .

Then after school, i went back to coco bay and laag dayun mi, adto cucina de oro and met this guy nga friend ni ninong kanang head sa Robinsons all over mindanao. bought some yummy foods, mutambok na dyud kog samot. super duper tired but great ang feeling~ :D

♥ Cathypurry

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