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February 1
NORMAL. Wala lang, feels like just another day, learning new lessons in our subjects and never felt like it was February na pala. Our prom is already near and I still don' know my partner! Gotta practice our presentation for variety show. But for my other classmate Aton, didn't feel the love of feb coz he lost his guitar!!! God, I pity him so much. Enough of the details---
Anyway, Sheila and I went to the cafet. /why am I speaking english??!/

BISAYA mode: Oh, nagdiscuss mi og personal matters (men, if only private lang jud ning blog i would post it) and nikalit ko og storya sa iya, "Dili lang ikaw ang gi---- sa 2nd year no, pati ako"
nashock si Sheila wala siya nagexpect pati diay ko, so she was like asking me na kinsa? kinsa? I was giving her the obvious clues but still she didn't get it until ni ingon ko, "LAST CLUE kauban nato na siya atong December Cmas pag.uli. " Nag log pa iyang brain until naka gets na dyud siya :D haha super funny kayo to. And we spent the whole morning telling each other's side of stories and where it went wrong then we became emoional XP eww. But yeah,. One thing I regret the most is telling it to her because from that point gakaulaw na nuon kog duol ni dragon. grrrrr. Samokan ko kay ma feel inferior napud ko niya again!!

Feb 2,3,4
At last, I saw the movie "A CRAZY LITTLE THING CALLED LOVE" super duper nice movie that everyone i mean it, EVERYONE can really relate to this movie. Super touch and hilak kau ko sa PART7! Nag reminisce daun ko sa akong past life na sana "ako nalang pud unta to gihimo kang orange". Anyway past is past. Naa adik daun ko sa line na:
"P'Shone ka, I have somehing to tell you. I like you very much and I've been loving you for 3 years. Nam applied for a classical dancer, played a stage drama, be a drum major and be better at studying, it's for you. But I know now that the thing I should have done the most and a long time ago is telling you straightly i l u."
Waah na memorize na nako yes! Super duper na emo ko kadjut!

--Anyway, kabalo na ko sa akong prom partner! Si BOOGIE wonderland! Haha, at least mas better pa sa na rumor partner nako na si ... Di nalang nato isaba kai basin mahurt :/ aww. But yeah, I'm so happy! That's why mag formal najud ko ana nga day and be lady like. tiisin ang tabi and everything that might ruin my reputation as a young Lady. echos.

--So now, I'll stop liking dragon coz I more I'll like him, the more I will feel inferior (wrong grammar), when I'm with him around.

So goodbye dragon! HELLO projects! XP

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