Perfect Match

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Yes! At last I finished the whole episode of PERFECT MATCH and it's really good!
I love the girl named
Park Ga In and who can't resist the hotty Jeon Jin Ho played by Lee Min Ho.

All I could say is :

Sa wala kabalo sa story: /KINOPYA/

Park Gae In is a furniture designer in her mid twenties and is the only daughter of a well-respected professor in the construction industry. As a young CEO of the hip furniture brand marketed for singles, 'Moon', Park is a troublemaker who is all over the place and naively trusts people too easily hence suffers heartaches but never manages to lose her cool spirit. With the hopes of befriending a gay friend, Ge-In coincidentally befriends and lives with Jeon Jin Ho (played by Lee Min Ho), whom she thinks is gay, and their interaction brings joy to the screen. Through this, Gae In's frustration of being single disappears and she finds her femininity and grows into a more sophisticated mature woman.

And my favorite song for all time is

Maldo Andwae by Younha
One great song! Iit!

And also
4minute's CREATING LOVE ♥ ♥ ♥


...and ENJOY!

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