Friday, November 26 @ 8:12 PM 
bisaya mode:

Happy ang ending sa akong daw coz i love the jip na akong gisakyan! Super nice dyud ang gi.paplay na songs, all acoustic revival songs from an opm arist which I don't know who pero I'm going to find out. mga lovebugs, i'm yours, poker face XP and uban pa. Dayun that song made me reminisce nako akong 1st-2nd year life and it made me felt so happy. tungod man gud sa songs gud!

Anyway, it aches my heart na akong friend 'took d bait' sa mga temptations sa iyang life. Kai ganiha after band praktis pauli nami daun tingala mi wala si tuhod kalit. Giapas namo padulong gate kai basin nagmahay. Intawn shocking kaau kai nasakpan namo siya na gi.ubanan ni sampu. LUOD. LAIN. kai mas naa.apektado ko kai katong jacket ni sampu gi hatag kang tuhod kai nagulan man to. Basta murag uyab na sila, basin UYAB na dyud. Shakoi kaau kai naghuna2x daun ko sa iyang mama. But i should just butt out to her business and acted that nothing happen. Maybe padungog2x lang siguro.

May gane, pagsakay nako sa jip, tsada dyud ang mga song kai nahinumduman daun nako akong past life. Excited nako mag reunion mi!!! haha, wa pa gane nag.graduae nah. Taman ra diri kai gutom!! Wa pako ka.panihapon.

Thursday, November 25 @ 9:00 PM 
It is a special day on the day after the busiest day of the week coz u know why? Jajaja. It is the day when that person came to life. We're not close but I still thought what is that person |it| experiencing now from its new challenge in life. I can't express my feeling completely because I can't concentrate completely.

Anyway, there's this friend whom I'm afraid to have a relationship. I don't know why I dislike it but I think she is really close to my heart and I can not afford watching her having a relationship because it's disgusting. I feel sorry for her mom not knowing it IF she will have a relationship. Well that guy whom she's liking is nice, good and everything but I see that person as only a younger brother. If only he's not having such an affair to my friend, I think I will really like him to be my friend. I don't get why my other friends approve of their relationship IF they have coz they will really look stupid /wai angay/ if u ask me. I treat that friend as my sister already and I'm just being protective to her. But if she's really going to have an affair with him then I can't stop her anymore because anyway, that's her life and I can't just control her.

And I can't take the pressure I'm feeling now because of our RESEARCH!! Well our study is quit easy but I'm afraid the outcome will fail! But I believe: "With God, you'll make it through" so yeah. I need to catch up in my studies because I'm dropping out of the honor's list if u know what I mean. I can't understand the lesson if I don't like the teacher. I'm having a small grade because of that. But then I believe, it is a big challenge for me and I just need to fight for it. I want to cry right now because I know I will disappoint my parents in graduation. I can't fulfill the promise that I gave to them :'[. It hurts knowing reality that I'll never make it. But who knows.

These past few weeks I've been always thinking of my future but not paying attention in present. That is why I tend to loose focus on what I'm doing. And I am also afraid of the disease-causing germs that is surrounding me like oh my. Because I have a weak immune system u know! I am afraid to have a sore eyes because one of my friends has this and now I'm experiencing an eye-ache /if there is/ jajaja.

God you are the only ONE who can understand me completely and please help me in my every challenges in life.

Saturday, November 20 @ 7:12 PM 

Yes! At last I finished the whole episode of PERFECT MATCH and it's really good!
I love the girl named
Park Ga In and who can't resist the hotty Jeon Jin Ho played by Lee Min Ho.

All I could say is :

Sa wala kabalo sa story: /KINOPYA/

Park Gae In is a furniture designer in her mid twenties and is the only daughter of a well-respected professor in the construction industry. As a young CEO of the hip furniture brand marketed for singles, 'Moon', Park is a troublemaker who is all over the place and naively trusts people too easily hence suffers heartaches but never manages to lose her cool spirit. With the hopes of befriending a gay friend, Ge-In coincidentally befriends and lives with Jeon Jin Ho (played by Lee Min Ho), whom she thinks is gay, and their interaction brings joy to the screen. Through this, Gae In's frustration of being single disappears and she finds her femininity and grows into a more sophisticated mature woman.

And my favorite song for all time is

Maldo Andwae by Younha
One great song! Iit!

And also
4minute's CREATING LOVE ♥ ♥ ♥


...and ENJOY!

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Friday, November 19 @ 9:58 PM 

Hi, kapoi storya, addicted japun sa Haunted.
Unless makita na nako among movie na "GAME OVER" again, I think maka.recover na ko. Meanwhile wala pa, adik dyapun ko. So anyway,
grabe karun nga day kai na test dyud ang strength namo when facing a huge huge conflict. This is where super na UNITED ang OCHID :D

Overall champion mi sa CHESS :]
Naai libak2x/section clash happened :[

Samok kau kai when friends nami ni linament, naa na pud siyay gi.face na huge problem nga ang nakataya ang TRUST & FRIENDSHIP. I pity him so much that it hurts me too knowing na xa ang na 'center of curvature' sa problem.
Basta I DON'T REALLY KNOW THE STORY. (manhid man gud. LEFT OUT kaau)
I think it all started with a backbite na nagcheat me nga pabor2x sa SSA thing. Kung kabalo lang sila, we do our jobs/things honestly and la dyud pabor2x. I mean, what is d purpose of the OATH-TAKING kung di mi mag follow sa rules? We fight FAIRLY.
God is the witness.

Basta murag na kuan ang tensyon tong nag open forum (i think?) ang ochid pero wala ko (ahww), because I was watching the gam in patentiro. So katong kami nag watch, 4 raman mi ato pero si becca and layon akong abay. And daghan, murag tanan, nag watch from d other sections. basta ang score kai mga 5 sila and ZERO pami. Lainan na dyud ko sa atmosphere kai grabeh kau ang mga people kai saba, gasaway ang gajoke2x. FEELING nako, (in my own perspective ha), murag mig gina bully. Luoyan jud ko sa mga players nga sila IAN, JERICO, JD, POPE & KELVIN. Sina Ian and Jerc jud to nga murag kahilakon nako. kai si jercs ilang kabinuangan nga pagunit pa sa iya effect :'[ basta kahilakon nako, di nako ma xpress nga unsa. and si Ian kai i.joke2x sa kalaban. nga gi/sipaan/ katong grass thing sa iyang shoes, ug unsa pa. and luoy kau siya pero gipasakayan ra pud niya. basta grabeh jud kaayo. Basta murag jud sila gi.bully becoz ang group of friends sa ilang opponent kai grabeh kaau makabinuang bitaw and it hurts m. Naa pa gane toi 1 time naai gabinuang og whistle2x nga di man diay tinuod. basta grabeh kaau. Di na jud nako matake katong kaipogngan nako na cry pero grabeh jud kaayo na. Then naapud pud sa point nga niabot sila jovani, joe n gen nga naghilak na telling kelvs na mag.give up na. ambot, niadto daun mi ni becc sa rum, habang mi naglakaw nihilak na dyud ko pero wala ra nitulo akong tears kai si becca man, jokir kaau og dagwai so wala na dayun even though nagisi na akong heart. pag abot nako sa rum, ahhh tanan tao naghilaka! gusto ko muhilak bero si rebecca banana jijimon kai jokir og dagwai so wala nadun @.@ emote na kaau sila and nibalik mi with the ochid sa paten. basta nakahilak ko again katong kang jercs part. ambot nganu to basta tungod to niya.

den after sa game we went back to d rum w/ a sad face. pero there's a saying/song "♫ AND I, I GOTTA KEEP STRONG, JUST KEEP PUSHING ON~" ambot pero nalipay mi kalit kai nagjkoke naman effect and niabot ang trophy nga i.award, daun nag pic.pic mi gamit ang trophy pero drama nga sad kunuhay nga murag ang message na "it should be ours" kai nag expect naman gud mi mapildi. daun shagi shagit og : "trophy daw nato" basta nagexpect na dyud mi mapildi.

now ur asking, Why are the ochideans over.reacting about being defeated?
this is because, we're making a fool of ourselves if we'll be beaten and we all know, that ORCHID SECTION is the highest section thing in sls. basta, it'll be shameful.

--------NOW, that is what I thought nganu sad ang mga orchid people.

then after sa pic.pic thing it's time to go to SC for the awarding ceremony. The best thing of it is nag *train train* mi padulong didto and it's F-U-N! There I have tot, na UNITED at last ang Ochid :'}

FAST FORWARD >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Award2x na, and grabeh na ang tensyon because we're really expecting nga 2nd or 3rd place rami. So ang atmosphere sa orchid is dead cold. Basta they kept telling us na pag.clap hands pud daw for d others. As in sa SC, ma feel jud nimu ang CLASH of the sections! Super tense kaau. Niabot nami sa final stage, kung kinsa ang champion.
And guess what, OVERALL CHAMPION mi.

We still can't believe it. Because we didn't really expected it to happen. SUPER. HONESTLY. We were like, 1st jud ta?" Basta ang atmosphere japun bsan nadaog mi kai dead cold. pa.happy2x ang other sections pero basta. that's why we can'T express our happiness knowing the backbites of others na BIAS daw and everyhing.

After the awarding, ang ochid people ang nabilin nalang sa sc. We'r happy pero murag ther'es something holding us back habang sa among kalipay. we were like taking pictures, singing a rap ong, dancing and everyhing! bisag happy pero murag dili jud sya freely happy nga thing for me. But one thing is for sure, na UNITED mi. :D nag victory party sila pero niuli nako but naa pai part 2 and that'll be on Monday daw.
SHOOT. Klase napud unsaon taman ni? mag catch up na pud ta sa lessons.

Anyways, kanina nag fb ko and nag online mode ko for the 1st time!! yehey! nag chat w/ d ochid but niabot sa point nibalik ang tensyon. Nahibawan sa ochid and hina.naing sa uban nga na shock sila aning usa ka tao nga once close for most ochid people sa among heart. classmate namo xa sa rose sa una. We never expected him to be lik that nga gapatol man diay sa bababe. kanang istinoryahan niya bah. in the state of shock japun mi coz iya nang gibuhat kang hamster (nicky ni babae) og sa amo nga not once but thrice na classmate. murag kato xa nga padungog ni guy kai gi.sacrifice niya ang pinagsamahan namo. basta super lain.

Disappointed for what happened to us.
FYI: Lahi ang disappointment sa SUKO.
Basta SAD but not ANGRY.

Thursday, November 18 @ 9:23 PM 

!yeah come on come on!

Kapoi storya but flshback >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Dugai ko ni mata pero sayo ko kaabot. I was texting a friend if magdla ko og voleyball and nakadala na jud. Anyway, I didn't join d volleyball thing because I have my chess competition. and WOW grabeh jud ka 8am no? 10am najud mi nakasugod og dula. Wow kulbaan na kayo ko sa everything and sus, pag saba sa twist I was sooooooooo happy coz magteam up ang 2boys/2girls sa match and yehey ka teamup nako si jamin! yehey~!!~

girls: 6 teams all but only 4 teams to beat coz forfeit ang isa ka team. But still, 5 rounds all.

1st game, ahh grabeh na kayo among praktis and ngek pagsaba: "FORFEIT na kalaban niu coz wala silai players sa ROSAL" haha, niambak mi sa kalipay /?/ nidagan daun mi sa ochid na rum and nangilad nga gi 4moves ra ang kalaban. hahha joke.
So anyway, 2nd round na and super kulbaan kaayo mi coz u know who's our opponent? it's TULIP and they're known to be d best players coz last year, nag champ man to si mitzi sa chess pero nadaug mi, YEHEY!
3rd round, kulbaan kaayo mi pero apil kalipay for what happened kanina pero wala mi nagkumpyansa kay na sayang nah. super nadugay mi ug human kai dugay magmove sila frany hahahaha apil pud mi pero hahha. :D
4th round lipay na kayo mi sa results but still kulbaan. na dugay2x pud ug human kai kulba dyud sila makalaban ang dahlia pero YEHEY daug mi :D

haha jokir kau mi mag-whisper ni jamin basta kapoi explain.

5th round is tomorrow and kulbaan na kaayo ko but just pray to the LORD, I---- WE know will make it through~ ^-^

Hahai, after sa chess dretso daun me for broadcasting and normal sa everything. Sad for debate :<>

Saddest part of d day: When we found out about our movie was only in d 2nd to d last place :'<

Climax part: Friends nami ni linament! yey~!!! bsag wala nadaun ang film showing I'm talking about sa teacher's day thing but wow never expected it to happen. Ani man gud ni oh, after the chess game we went straight to the avr and basta nakita namo nanguna na sila linament nga naai kauban tao. nanlibak daun ko /good though/ "gimingaw na jud ko ni linament" [kay basta naa koi kaaway, mingawon daun ko hahah. friends man gud mi so yeah] daun shocking kayo kai sa avr, nilabay ko niya tapos shocking kayo iyang gigunitan akong shoulders with a smile on his face saying, HI. I said HELLO w/ a smile. then he said, FRIENDS NATA ha? Daun. na speechless ko sa happy na feeling pero la ko ka.answer then nilakaw ko coz nagdali man gud ko mag ilis. pero even through that, considered na to nga friends nami. YEHEY! wahihihihihihihi.

Wednesday, November 17 @ 8:48 PM 
Today is wednesday and the ACALYMPICS already started! Yippee~!
Anyway, the best part of the day was the FILM showing of every sections (though we have to pay P5 every movie T.T) Anyway, I was so excited in our movie

>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>> FAST FOWARD

Basta I am now addicted to the song HAUNTED by TAYLOR SWIFT
I'm so excited na i.upload na ni jamin ang movie sa FB and also the POSTER O.o tralalalalla ~

So sit back, relax, and LISTEN to the song HAUNTED by TS

Tuesday, November 16 @ 8:58 PM 

haha. I'm so happy that I can blog again!!! it has been monthssss talaga since I last blogged because of the "NEW POST EDITOR" issue. Now I found the solution by just switching it to the old version!! grrrr... Why didn't I saw that thing before?! super grrrrrr.

Anyways, it is our ACALYMPICS tomorrow. ACAdemics and oLYMPICS = ACALYMPICS! yay!

Perfect na sana ang life ko but samok lang jud kai I'm not comfortable with my surroundings because dili ko friend sa usa ka tao. And sa among kabarkads na pud nagaway. It is just so sad because I can't express myself freely. Sa among kabarkads I've tried my best para magkabati na sila. Itago nalang natin sila sa pangalang jamin and noti. haha, dili jud xa obvious as in. (wala bitaw gabasa). Jukir kau sila nagaway kai ang isa dili gusto buhatong ang ipabuhat para sa duha. so mao to.

Sa case namo sa usa ka tao, itago natin siya sa pangalan na linament (haha di namo ka g haha!), basta super sad. Kinda close pud mi but I forgot wat went wrong. Ako man ang nauit kaniya and ambot kung naulit xa sa ako. Baga dyud na siyag dagway kung mauli na siya sa ako kai NA di dyud mi mag.friends forever sa man? Nag ask man gud kog serious question sa iya pero lain man gyud kaau iyang answer murag seryoso nga away n iyang palabas. ingon man gud ko nga "linament, kanusa man ihatag ni priny ang video sa teacher's day?" he, "ambot lang" |now, 1 might think na what wrong with wat he said pero basta ang tone sa voice and action was so serious| And u know wat gi period ko ato nga time so kinda emotional kaayo to. Because 1st time man gud to niya gibuhat sa ako, so na state of shock kaau ko and dili ka believe sa iyang gibuhat. now I replies, "pagtarung og tubag ba seryoso baya ko" he just moved his shoulders up na saying no |basta seryoso nga dili na dyud joke tananawon| I said, "bahala ka di dyud mi makahatag og video" he said, "kamu bahala" .
Shoot grabeh kayo to, murag ko gitamaan sa pana sa heart. basta insensitive kayo to iyang action and he never did this to me EVER. As murag ko nag emote, nahunaan daun nako ang hardships na pinagdaanan nina clauee especially priny. naginterview man gud to silag college and everything and grabeh kayo ang ako pagremind plus kani si linament kai sya man gud ang nagpasimuno og assign2x sa among club ato. So sakit dyud ingnan nga "bahala namo" basta ingon ato ang pag.message niya sa ako. And yes, wala dyud nagamit ang video.
Nakahilak ko pagka.gabii thinking of what happened and the shame nga akong gibuhat nga pa.effort2x og disseminate and plan nga mao ni ang buhaton for the teacher's day period basta grabeh ko kasuko nga galagot dyud ko nga makita iyang face nor ma hear iyang voice. I deleted his contact # and ol of d messages nga iang gisent nako.

on SATURDAY, he sent me a message nga pa.gm2x lang na hardships niya gi face atong nagbaha sa skul. Of corz nag worry ko and fel sorry but all that feeling was beaten by my anger. Suko pa dyapun ko niya. And pagka MONDAY we never spoke a word, maybe he already felt the 'anger aura' I'm sending him.

NOW, all that feeling is gone and I was a fool to sacrifice our friendship for that matter. I want to be friends but one of us must take a first move. Oh yeah, we spoke last monday, nov.8, sa flag ceremony. He spoke to me first na nervous sya becoz sya ang maglead/conduct in Ako ay pilipino. wala na siay choice na makastorya kundi ako kai kami raman ang duha nabilin sa taas, Kapoi explain sa details becoz I'm tired. But that is what happened. I also spoke to him by saying "ok ra lage nah kaya na nimo" Even though he doesn't know but one of he happiest momens nato sa ako because it has been almost a month? since we last talk to each other. I was so happy nga hapit nag fall ang tars sa akong eyes. But ang akong gipakita sa akong friends and saiyang back na murag sipat and ew. But on the inside happy nako ato.

NOVEMBER 17, 2010. We'll be the start of our ACALYMPICS. sa hapon is the film showing for every secions. Now I'v told priny that we'r going to air the video she made. Now the thing is, I promised to myself that once ma show nato ang video magka friends na dyud mi ni linament. It is like THAT video is the only way to regain our friendship once na siya. But I'm hesitating na I think dili nako mabuhat. I don't unsa akong i say first but I'll try to be open sa iya tom. I'm just going to find the right time and right words to say. I'll tell him evryhing why I got mad at him. I pray to the Lord that it'll be successful. I'm happyyet worried because if that video will not be aired, our -friendship- hast to wait another month para ma air and that is december. If ma delay gani xa I'll make xur sa december magka friends nami. SO help me GOD! Please pray for me na sana ma.successful unta akong plano for him~!!

PS. excited ko for the film tom. sana successful unta xa and everything na activities. help us o Lord!