Otaku again!

by - 8:07 PM

It's feels good to be an otaku again [anime addict]
Well let me tell u first the story why I became that~
[sunday] So I was like sooooo bored and was scanning the tv until I arrived at the animax channel. The channel aired the show called K-on! And i saw a post in the fb that says the anime was great so I took the shot and watched that anime show. And my gasss, I liked it! After K-on!, the next show is Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama! And I also watched it, And man, it was soooo coool!! And I'm so lucky that it's the first episode. Wahahah, adik nako ani nga shows and currently, I'm watching the manga of maid-sama through net. Hahahha, maka.inlove ang story sa maid sama!! I love it!! Suppeeerrr talaga!!!!

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