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What a boring day to post a boring post with some boring stuffs to tell you a boring story with this boring blog to type some boring words seeking for some boring topics~

Well, hey hey! New topic eh?
I find this site B-O-R-I-N-G
so yeah, i ain't know what to
do. I've got some short stories
to tell and gosh wala nako sa

So yeah, as a punishment kai sige ra man daw kog computer. Nagkadeal mi sa akong parents na M-W-F nalang ko mag comp :'[ coz para ra man pud daw sa akong kaayuhan. hahai, I'm freaking bored right now so I'm reading some Literatures from the old book I found sa kasulok-sulokan sa among balay. And I've decided to use some archaic words.

How art thou?
I beseek thee~

And so much more.. hay nako kapoiii.

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