Monday, April 26 @ 7:02 PM 
What a boring day to post a boring post with some boring stuffs to tell you a boring story with this boring blog to type some boring words seeking for some boring topics~

Well, hey hey! New topic eh?
I find this site B-O-R-I-N-G
so yeah, i ain't know what to
do. I've got some short stories
to tell and gosh wala nako sa

So yeah, as a punishment kai sige ra man daw kog computer. Nagkadeal mi sa akong parents na M-W-F nalang ko mag comp :'[ coz para ra man pud daw sa akong kaayuhan. hahai, I'm freaking bored right now so I'm reading some Literatures from the old book I found sa kasulok-sulokan sa among balay. And I've decided to use some archaic words.

How art thou?
I beseek thee~

And so much more.. hay nako kapoiii.

Akong idol:

Thursday, April 22 @ 7:40 PM 

Everybody needs a little tender, loving care—even planet Earth! Earth Day reminds us that we need to preserve the Earth’s beauty and natural resources. Earth Day is celebrated every year on April 22.

Wow, Earth Day na sad! Well, it seems like yesterday pa man to nag Earth day ui! Time flies so fast talaga and lemme share you some tips on what you can do on Earth day, not just Earth day but everyday!

Learn the simple 3R:

Do u believe that 2012 is the end of the world? Well I'm a little confuse too but as what we can notice now, natural disasters are starting to happen in this world. We knew that this day would come but there are so many campaigns on how to preserve our Mama Earth that's why we celebrate Earth Day to make ourselves remember and realize how important our world to us. Let us pray to God and He shall lead you the way. :]

5 easy things on
What YOU can DO

Ride Bike
Plant Tree
Save Water
Save Electricity
Recycle Materials

No need explanations coz' I know, you know and we all know that :]
Every little thing you do COUNTS
Let's get green!

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Wednesday, April 21 @ 12:11 PM 
Yeah, long time no new post!
I was actually busy reading the manga "kw maid sama!" and man, it was soooo goood!!
I really love the story soooo muccch!!!
Nag post2x man dyapun ko sa usa ka post sa maid sama,~

now, I can't help this feeling anymore!

Cathy's relationship status [pajoke2x]:
In - love


Ivan Dorschner and Usui Takumi!

haha. la lang, la lang dyud koi lingaw!
Basta share2x lang, sila ang akong Summer Crush2010 at wala nang iba!
They rocked my heart so badly XP

Friday, April 16 @ 8:53 PM 
Well.. la lang, kilig-moments nilang dalawa~ ♥
Mga latest lang kai kapoi ibalik ang old ones~

kamo na bahala sabot~

a part nga nag.take care si misaki kang usui [ambot nag.kasakit tingai si usui]

naaa pa pahabol!! ep25


hahahaha!!! la lang, karon lang sa ni, i will come back for the next kilig-pix!!

omgasss such a spoiler!!! luood kaau ko >.< [eww XP ew ew ew ew ew ew ew!!]*katong naa pa ang old pic XP
this is the part which i was waiting for! wahahahaha

* ay gi changed nalang nako ang usa ka pic ka too much spoilerzzz na kaau XP wahihihi

*hmmpp "idiot usui" daw unya ga holding hand~ hai nako~.~

haha joker part!

cool part... O.o

the pocky game! XP ew ew ew >.< [didn't put the actual spoiler]

luoya ni shintani ui!!!!! grrr~ perp sige nalang

bday girl!

early in the morning....

wow niabot ko! [i'm the cat XP]

Thursday, April 15 @ 2:55 PM 
Hello everyone! [kung naa mai gabasa~]
It's been so long since wa nako katarung ug post kai adik man gud ko sa maid sama... kamu ganahan mo ana?

Basta g.kapoi nako og post oi plus ang labad nang ulo ko as in ~.~
Anyway, yesterday nagpa-
buhang si papa. I tot gane nagpa.buang nah. nyahahah Ambot, kana bitaw i.kuha ang dugo ? Well I have some pictures pero kapoi na i.share [Yeah, I'm so L A Z Y] luod ayo, kai i slice imung panit gamit ang blade , i dunno basta, kapoi mag explain~

G I S I P - O N

napud ko....
huhuu, kalagaot nga sakit! Astang labada sa akong ulo oi!!

And tsada man diay mag sulat2x sa tissue bah??
Wala lang, nalingaw lang kayo ko. hahhaha


kapoi storya... babooosssh!!!


Tuesday, April 13 @ 8:07 PM 

It's feels good to be an otaku again [anime addict]
Well let me tell u first the story why I became that~
[sunday] So I was like sooooo bored and was scanning the tv until I arrived at the animax channel. The channel aired the show called K-on! And i saw a post in the fb that says the anime was great so I took the shot and watched that anime show. And my gasss, I liked it! After K-on!, the next show is Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama! And I also watched it, And man, it was soooo coool!! And I'm so lucky that it's the first episode. Wahahah, adik nako ani nga shows and currently, I'm watching the manga of maid-sama through net. Hahahha, maka.inlove ang story sa maid sama!! I love it!! Suppeeerrr talaga!!!!

Monday, April 12 @ 1:32 PM 
So today is monday, april 12, and nagplano ko na magkuha nang card. So I was like calling to my friends and asking them if pwede pa ba makuha ang card. No one replied to my texts except for camille but her text was no use coz' she didn' really know if makuha na dyud ang card karon becoz nakuha naman to niya last thurs. Good thing i called on to toni! And she gave me the number of Sir Labz so I texted him and he replied na pwede na mkuha ang card. So I rush on, naligo nako and nag prepared and nagdungan ko sa akong ate rose.

So at last naka.abot nako sa school, yeheey! And when I entered their room, yay, Asa man si sir??! Naa may mga 4yrs oi, my gass, good thing gamai ra toh nga mga males. Hay naku gisugo2x pako ni mam patty ug mga things and good thing alaiza came and I finally got my card. Because mam patty said, dapat mutabang pako before I'll get my card O.o men.. -_-''
So after that, I happily saw my report card and I was really satisfied to it

I'm so proud of my grades! Samok ang enlish oi, nigamay, dili nako type ang teacher. GRR >.<

After I was walking out to school, naai usa ka babae nikalit og duol sa ako and nag.ask asa ang rum makuha ang card, and I immediately thought na mother siguro siya sa isa ka hs student. But when she chatted with me, na.shock ko because kaila lageh siya sa ako? ingun.ana na diay ko kasikat? nyahaha. She watched my card and she mentioned the name of jan2x and AHA, mama diay siya ni jan2x wahaha.

Then I went to Ketkai kai la lang, mag suroy2x XP Nag ride ko og jeepney padulong dadto. Ana dyud na kai init gud! magadto unta ko sa robinsons pero close paman ang stores oi! so I finally decided na mag.jollibee nalang ko. so nag line up nako, tingala ko nai.nagkuhit sa ako and na shock ko na si joe man diay toh! JOE MXTA NMAN? nagbreakfast lageh daw siya kai la pa daw siya ka bf, ako nag.order ud og pancakes kai gusto ko magtry plus barato ra siya doh! tag 42 ra and yummiee lami dyud siya. Basta we chatted and ambot unsa to among gi.storyahan, nakalimot nako! then nagpauban daun ko niya magpalit og magz pero ntawn addik kayo sa gi.biyaan man kaha ko! hai nako~


So after that, naka buy na dyud ko sa 3 ka mag! and usa kai ang latest, oh men, mahal na kaayo ang magz doh, niabot na og P95! grr, ang uban mga old but new. i bought them for only P60 n P50 only! So I rode another jeepney and nag drop dapit sa MSE. And oh my, natingala ko kay naai usa ka dude, paglingi nako ni talikod man kaha kalit but i didn't really noticed who he was. murag naa sila gi buy sa usa ka tindahan and infront ra ko nila naghulat magsakay og jeep. ntawn, pag.gawas nila, ako man diay tong prom partner and uban pa ka kabarkads iyang kauban. GRRRR samokan ko sa dagwai oi and kinda ulaw kai murag i dunno, basta weird na feeling ~.~ So yeah, nakasakai na dyud ko og jip at last, and I was reading my mag and never noticed the time. Pagkahuman nako sa usa ka mag. murag totalgirl man toh ata, naka.abot nako sa bugo! wow~ timinga oi! My mom texted mi if maguban ba ko nila og lakaw ni dad and wala lang, naka.abot naman gud ko sa balay and i just texted her, pasalubong nalang.
That's all!~!

Sunday, April 11 @ 2:28 PM 


Daghan naman diay mahitabo for 1day noh? But 1 day is not enough to tour around camiguin and you really need to have some money pang.gastos :]

Anyway, we were invited by our family friend para mag.outing sa Camiguin. AT first, talagang ayaw nang mom and dad ang idea because magastos, delikado and blah blah~ So during friday, april 9, our family friend really forced us to come with them to camiguin so sige nalang niadto nalang mi. After lunch, we went to the mall to buy some stuffs and some unknown number texted me. Ambot kinxa toh siya?? basta taga.rose man toh. So anyway, the next day, april 10, we woke up early to get our things ready and now lakaw na dyud mi!! haha

We went to puerto because didto mi mag ride sa among bus padulong Balingoan. Boy, it was a long trip. dugay2x pud ang byahe like 1hour or more? After that, we rode the barge thing and waited another 1 hour to arrive at our destination, camiguin :]] So nangawas sa mi ni annette para magpahangin sa barge and we met some persons there, asking us anything XP

And so naka.abot na dyud mi at last. First problem that we faced is una among sakyan pang.tour pero naka.pili ra dyapun mi and it was a multicab.

So first stop: Katibawasan Falls
Well I'd like to say, nga ninddooot kayo sya!! As in. And pag.abot didto, hala, picture diri, picture dadto~ Nanligo mi ni annette and my gasss, bugnaw/tugnaw kayoo siya~ I was like freezing to death there. And I really like the water becoz super clean kayo siya and maka.mata ka underwater kanang dili bitaw ka mapuling sa mata. so yeah as inn niccee dyud siya as in.

2nd stop: Hibok2x spring resort
All I could say na hot dyud ang hot spring pero maa.anad raman dyapun ka sa iyang ka.init. Well, didto mi nag.lunch and daghan ug springs there na maligoan nimu. pili lang, kung gusto baka ini, bugnaw, lalom, mabaw~ Nadugay mi dadto that's why our last stop is......

Last stop: White Island
Hay naku, hapit na mu end ang day so ni.adto mi og white island. Biboooo kayo ang banka among gi.sakyan kai maa.alon bitaw so madala dyud ka sa waves. Basta bibboo

Hai naku, gusto unta ko mag overnight mi dadto, well actually, planado na dyud mag overnight mi didto pero wala nalang na dayon. I'm so freakingly tired right now. so up to here only bye~~~
Tuesday, April 6 @ 2:45 PM 

i Davao



sayo sa buntag, nag jogging mi ni ate padulong Victoria Mall. And boy, tsada kayo ang place kai duol ra kayo sa mga malls and atbang rami sa future ayala mall So nag jog nami and haha hilom pa kayo ang world~! Nilabai mi sa Durian hotel and first impression nako kai taas kayo sya and tsada tanawon pagka.gabii pero ingun daw ni ate close na daw siya kai na bankrupt! hahai. buhai talaga. So pag,abot namo victoria mall lakaw2x na daun mi ~ lingaw kayo kai daghan man diay pud ka jogging noh? mga tigulang pa dyud hahahahah! Pag abot sa balai nag merienda mi sayo sa buntag and sa walai kalingaw nag pic2x nalang pud kow. :] Then we were gettin' ready kai after lunch i.suroy ko ni at sa mga malls.


first stop: Gaisano mall.

So nagsakai nami sa multicab. grabeh man diay dadto kai ang ilang jeep kai kanang multicab pala pero naa pui kanang dako nga jeepney kanang karaan . So as we were traveling, nagobserve ko sa place and my my, katong victoria mall man diay layo2x man diay to siya sa amo! my gass karon pako. And atong abot nami sa gaisano, my first impression was gamai siya tan.awon. Pero pagsulod namo, astang ang laki pala! Hhaha, IGNORANTE kayo me bai. nyahahaha. Kai diri man gud sa cdo ang liit nang place XP Hahai daghan kayo mga things nga lami kayo pampaliton dadto. Well daghan dyud kog gi.pamalit haha. Basta laag.laag rami dadto kapoi mag explain ~.~.


Nisuroy pud mi og Victoria mall pero ngeek puro mahal wa nuon koi napalit.
After atoh niuwi mi sa balay para isundo ang mga chikiting~ Niadto mi sa mercury drug coz didto man ga work akong ate tata.


After sa pagsundo, we went to som kaon2x kanang murag mang inasal pero dili lang mang inasal and as in busog kayo ko! and then PEOPLE'S PARK hurray!! Nice kayo didto doh as in kai first time paman nako noh, na amaze dyud ko sa place. So wa dyud koi gi.sayang2x nga tym, hala, pictur diri, picture dadto, picture everywhere!! Daghan kayo mig nabuhat dadto and na.end toh nga tym kai EARTH HOUR man kuno sa by 8 ba toh, nang uli nami. biibbo kayo oi ! pag.uli gud nako sa balai, tulog dayun. hahahhahahaha!!!!



long lost sis, s-tat-ue??!