First Time~

by - 9:10 PM

Well yeah, I'm still a newbie and I just forced myself to made this blog because I'm so frustrated, down, brokenhearted, sad, depressed, blue and other synonymous words to express this feeling.

Although many happened today, March 9, 2010, the most unforgettable thing that happened was knowing churbaler having an affair with his beloved one. Well I know he has a crush on her (churbarel) from my sources, churba, his loveteam, and I know it's a stupid feeling to have a crush on him in his last days in school.

I'd like to tell you the rest of the story but it hurts so much nga gamai nalang ang time and ipatulog nako. [wahihi] Well, I'll just edit it when I'll have some other time. You know, I wanna make my first post memorable.

So here it is, FAST FORWARD>>>

I was checking on his profile, [you know typing his name on facebook, when I noticed he change his primary picture I clicked on his name to check if he has other pictures and until I saw his tagged picture together with churbarel!!! huhuhu, it hurts so much, yah know??!!!

And this feeling added to my other don feeling when he didn't say hi to me. Well, I was a little snob too and I understand him, maybe he was just shy or just plain snob. Like the incident that happened in 'circle of life'. I was with my friends and I did noticed him but I was just too shy to look at his very handsome face so I decided to "pa-duding" to him, like screaming or calling out to my friends so that he will hear my voice and look at me. That time when we passed by to him. Well before that!!!! I just wanna share to you that--that time, he was talking to my other fake-churbaler and I was thinking to myself that it's a: JACKPOT! "maybe they're talking about who is mas matimbang sa puso ko" haha. baga i know.Yes, I do have a very thick face but now it was lessen because you know nag El Niño and nag melt na xa. haha, NAGJOKE KO. RESPETO BEH, KATAWA PUD. " ha ha ha ha ". Anyway! back to the story, we (my friends and I) passed by to them and I suddenly shouted "ODB (over-da-bakod) TA BEH!" I thought he will never looked at me but then, my friends said he did looked at me and dugay dyud daw. grabeh dyud DAW ka tutok. from then on, nagsisisi ako because I never took granted that very special moment huhu. And maybe he will never tutok/say hi to me again because of that incident and he will thought that I'm very snob. huhuhu

Before I end up this post naka add pa jud sa akong misery na suerte jud si churbaREL nga nakagusto sa iya si churbaLER becoz naa na sa iya ang tanan. Matud pa ni toni: Gusto ko magkagusto nga pareha sa iya nga talented. hahai, kung naka-idea namu knxa si churbaler.. DILI NA XA MAO!! haha.

So anyway, I just made this blog to share my deepest brokenly-hearted from this moment.
Can u fix my broken heart? Pwede na i.mighty bond? because I know it will take some time before ko maka.recover ani nga incident. it really really hurts yah know.

PS kapoi pa kayo mag design2x or magedit2x so kamu na sabot ana ha? Long story pa dyud xa as in pero gi summarize nalang nako. huhuhuhuhuuhuhuhuh

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